Step 35 – Enough with the steps

Well, as of this week we’ll have been in Australia for one month. It’s been a pretty amazing month.

Emotional Update: Neither of us expected it to be this easy, but we have not been very homesick! Thank God! (Or goodness, as you will). I think it’s largely due to the role of WhatsApp, Facetime and Facebook that we’ve felt so connected to our friends and family. Not in a we’re-spending-so-much-time-online-with-our-families-that-we’re-not-really-living kind of way, but in a thank-goodness-everyone-is-always-online-and-we-can-interact-a-fair-amount sort of way. Dan has been there for me – giving a hug or giving me some space if I’m feeling a little blue. He’s been amazing (perhaps, in no small part due to some direct parting words from my father). I have tried to be there for him, but he doesn’t seem to need me too much as an emotional support. I’ll keep you posted. We are having an interesting dynamic start to take effect. He is an introvert, and so gets energy from being alone. I am an extrovert and I find it energizing to be with people. So he’s been getting too much interaction from me, and I haven’t been getting enough from him. It’s getting pretty evident we need to start making friends 😉

Academic Update: Dan was originally planning to start his eight-month Aviation Mechanics course in January, however has recently learned that the school is running an earlier, beefier version of the course for the same price. This one starts in October, so he’s applied and been accepted (obviously – he’s a genius)!

Financial Update: We do not have jobs. We badly need jobs to keep putting food in our cats mouths, and also our own. My own job search has taken a two-pronged approach. I’m looking for A. close-by survival jobs that I can start NOW and pay the bills; and B. career jobs that I will find fulfilling and align with my career goals. The former have included filing applications at: pet shops, clothing stores, nurseries (for plants, not babies) bathing suit shops and farmer’s markets. They will also eventually expand to include coffee shops, bookstores and anywhere else close by. Career type jobs include: event planning, communications, community building, program coordination blah blah blah… If you know someone hiring along either of these two veins in Brisbane, please do let me know! Dan is only looking for something very part time that he can do after school and on weekends. He is pretty stressed about both of us finding jobs. But he doesn’t like to talk about it. [Update: we talked about it and he finally agrees with me that he will just focus on school and I’ll be in charge of the earning of the money].

Feline Update: The cats managed to make it all the way here without enacting any scenes from the movie Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Both of us were very relieved to pick them up. We drove 13 hours down to Sydney on a Wednesday, and picked them up and drove 13 hours back to Brisbane on Thursday. They did well in the car. It took them a few hours to get their “sea legs” but after awhile, it became clear that if the rest of our lives were spent, the four of us in that tiny little car – they’d handle it. After they’d fully accepted their new car-lives, we brought the home to their/new apartment. Dan and I are sharing the guest room (juuuuuuust barely big enough for a queen bed) and the cats get the master bedroom with the en suite. Seems fair. Oddly enough, this setup was actually my idea to optimize the amazing space in our little apartment. This way, we have two different bright sunny rooms in which we can spend time. Having an extra living space will probably come in handy when Dan is studying and I want to have people over (assuming I make some friends) or watch TV. And what do we need a humungous room for sleeping in any way? So for now, the cats think they own the place.

Communications Update: Our apartment does not yet feature internet. This is a source of no small amount of frustration to both of us. We had NO IDEA how heavily we relied on the internet until it was no longer available. Oops! So now, each day includes at least one, and often more pitstops at a café, library or park – most of which feature free WiFi. This blog post is being written from a gazebo in the picturesque Oriel Park. We are supposed to hear by the end of today about the internet. But we were supposed to have heard by then end of last Monday, then the end of last Thursday etc. So we know the drill.

Home Purchases Update: And now for the most important news of all. I bought a bike. I have purchased off gumtree – a cruiser. It is teal green and has a white basket. It features 24 gears (imperative in our hilly, hilly neighbourhood) and a big, round, white seat for my uh… matching tush? We have also purchased:

A popcorn maker ($5 off gumtree)
A bike rack ($20 off gumtree)
A beach shade-tent ($20 off gumtree)
2 Beach lounge chairs ($100 off gumtree)
2 Beach backpack chairs ($20 per from Mitre10)
A coffee grinder (13$ from Kmart)
Beach Towels (I’m getting bored of putting down costs)

Those are the important ones for now. Once our stuff arrives, we’ll have more pics of our place.

In the meantime, thanks for tuning in!

Until next week…



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  1. I feel like I should put the updates in the comment section!! But I won’t! I’ll just wait for the next post! Type faster!! Hugs!!

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