Some people want babies, all I want is a dog.

This is weird to write down.

The other day on the beach, I was watching other couples walking their dog and I teared up. I actually cried on the beach, because of a longing in my heart to have a canine companion back in my life.

For my maternal friends, I will say I’m sure there is a difference between craving a baby and craving a dog. But I so far, have not felt the former, and can’t stop feeling the latter.

My sister asked me why I didn’t put her dog Oliver in the post about saying goodbye to our animal friends. The truth is, it was too hard. I loved my dog Dakota so much it’s hard to describe. When he died back in March, a lot of my love for him passed to his buddy, Jess’s dog Oliver.  I never really appreciated what a good dog he is, until my own dog had died. My sister did an outstanding job of training him! He is almost perfect.

So it was hard to say goodbye to him.  Actually, I am crying freely over my keyboard writing this. It also feels weird to admit I miss a dog so much. Of course I miss my friends and family, but I can talk to my friends and family over the phone or internet.  Animals don’t connect like that.

Hmmm, maybe people don’t either.

We just think we do.

Anyway, here is my goodbye to my buddy Oliver. I’ll share a few of my favourite pictures of Dakota, him and Jess and me.  If you’re in Calgary, drop by Jessica’s and meet this incredible guy.

Dakota & Jess
This is Jess, when Dakota was just a puppy. He was the first dog we cared for and loved from the start of his life, until the end of his life.
When I was younger, we went so many places together. Here we are in Waterton. I was much, much younger 😉
Then this little rapscallion entered the equation! The adorable, little son of a bitch in the middle is Oliver.
Ollie and Dakota went on to become best buddies. They begged for the same food at the same time.
…helped with construction projects…
And generally looked adorable, waiting until the next trip to the park.
He was even there with us when I carried Dakota’s ashes up a mountain in my backpack and we spread them in Waterton park.
Mom, Dad, Jess, me and Ollie were all there to say goodbye to Dakota.
Since that time, Ollie has wound his way into my heart. He was there for most of our pre-Australia adventures, including this one swimming in the Old Man Dam this summer. The last time (until next summer)!
He took to lying on my lap while we watched the Mindy Project. What a guy!
Which was fine until he made friends with a much larger buddy – Ela, the St. Bernard.
…and he taught his friend Ela how to also sit on my lap. A much harder undertaking.
Ollie came over for a hot dog roast, and did his best to look as cute and feedable as possible.
It took a lot for him not to eat his dog out of the fire.
Anyway, all this to say. I miss him, he’s my new best boy.

R ight now, the tiny little apartment we live in (which we love) would be a cruel place to keep a dog. Perhaps when we move somewhere with a yard.  But how can you NOT have a dog in a country where the best dog parks are on the ocean??

My time is coming. I can feel it.

3 thoughts on “Some people want babies, all I want is a dog.”

  1. Yay!!!!! I know Little Bear misses you too! The other day I said, “where’s auntie mommy?” and he got up and ran around looking for you. I wish I could post a picture of him.

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