Month Three in Australia

So, October first, marked the third month of our time in Australia.  (Barely, we arrived August 24, so I’m counting August as a month we were here).

Our first week, we toured around Sydney and got used to the time, and cooler than expected climate.

Then we stayed in an Airbnb in Brisbane for two weeks until we found a place to live: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Then we began the process of establishing ourselves in our new country in earnest.  We:

Applied for jobs, library cards, credit cards and loyalty program cards. We bought a car, dishes, food, furniture and appliances (major appliances like fridges, dryers and washers don’t come with apartments here).

We sorted out internet, utilities, insurance and renting out our Canadian property.

And we did it all, while spending 100% of our time together. When I went to bed, Dan was there. When he woke up, I was there. All day, every day. It was a lot of time together. Too much perhaps.  Mostly it’s because we don’t know anyone else here yet, but the only person to spend time with, is your spouse. Go figure.

Honestly, we’ve been driving each other nuts. If Dan says I’m not driving him nuts, he’s just being nice. I am. I am driving him nuts.

Dan’s most annoying habits include:

– perfectionism
– wanting to wait until we know for sure we need it, to buy it
– asking how much it is
– asking if we can get it used instead of new
– trying to fix every little problem I have
– not killing the spider on the first swing
– being quiet when he’s tired
– wanting alone time

My most annoying habits:

– recklessness/rushing into things
– damaging things by trying to fix it with a hammer
– wanting everything to be teal, or at least colourful
– caring more about quality than cost
– liking music too loud or having tv on in background
– being too chatty at the wrong time
– thinking its probably good enough
– spending a lot of time on my cell phone

So yeah, I’ll admit it. We’ve gotten underneath one another’s skin at times, but we are sorting it out. I’m learning to give Dan the space he needs, and he’s, well he’s trying to give me whatever it is he thinks I need.

Other update things that you (our faithful readers) may be interested in, include that I have been working as an adult education teacher for a program called Skills for Education and Employment (SEE).  I work for a non-profit, Monday through Thursday teaching adults to read, write, do math (they call it maths here), improve oral communication and build learning strategies with employability in mind.  It’s been fun so far. Certainly a God-send to have a job so soon in our time here.

Dan has started school full time in an Aviation Mechanic program not too far from our house. His classes are 7:30AM to 2:30PM. I drive him to work, then drive myself to work. He buses home. He likes the course well enough. Although he is a born learner, and a curious person, sitting and listening to someone talk from 7:30 to 2:30 can be a challenge for him. (For anyone).

We do go to the beach a lot. And why shouldn’t we?

Our house back in Calgary rented out – thanks to the efforts of our amazing Property Manager, Shannon! Both the upstairs and downstairs have tenants for a year, so that is huge news for us!

I celebrated my 31st birthday here in Australia. We had our first Thanksgiving away from our home country. Oops! We forgot to make turkey! Oh well, we’ll make up for it at Christmas. And hopefully by then we’ll know some people to celebrate with.

Which leads me to our new priority one. Meet people. Operation Get Friends has already commenced.  We’ll keep you posted.

Stayed tuned next week for pictures of our new place in Brissy.

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