A billion bathing suits

For our long term readers, you may recall a blog post early on profiling why I was taking 22 bathing suits with me to Australia. Other reasons that have occurred to me since: all people should wear bathing suits all the time, just in case. All people should only wear as much as they have to. You never know when you’ll have a chance to go for a swim and might need a bathing suit! Also, if one suit is still wet from wearing it – no problem! You have 21 others!

Hypocrite you say? I get it. I am a minimalist in some areas, but ostentatiously over the top with bathing suits. I’m ok with it.

If you want to pull off wearing a bikini, put a bikini on, and you’re pulling it off. Note: I did not create this image, the internet did.

As promised, here is an update with me wearing the various suits I brought to Australia. I’ve tried to list the location of the photo in the caption below.

Warning: If you are anti-woman, anti-body, puritanical, hyper-conservative, closed-minded, afraid of seeing skin, straight-laced, body-negative, prudish, or don’t like seeing curvy girls in bathing suits or some other type of repressive, fuddy-duddy body snob, please feel free to skip this post. If my previous sentence made you uncomfortable, I am probably talking to you.

This has turned out to be one of my faves 🙂 Bright and comfy. (The location is Bribie Island).
thumb_IMG_20151018_164456 copy_1024
The nunkini. Amen. (Mooloolaba)
My mother-in-law has a very similar suit, and frankly, it looks better on her. However, we are now so geographically far apart, I wear it with impunity. (Our shared backyard pool).
I’m very pleased with this online order from zulily. The shoulder strap is removable. Though, if I were being honest, it turned out to not be the last suit I bought before I left – as I said in my first bathing suit post it would be. I bought three more after this one. I hope nobody reads this. (Coolum beach).
This suit made me feel right at home in my friend Tanya’s tropical backyard 🙂
Here is a blue suit. Nothing special. This is at Currumbin (the same day Kelly Slater was here).
And the dalmatian suit. Also at Currumbin.
And of course my favourite suit of all. The colour is so bright – it makes me look extra tanned and holds everything in a…uh… very dramatic location. Can I say that?


thumb_DSCF3434 copy_1024
This was one of the last three suits I bought before leaving Canada – bought from Forever 21. And I love it! You can see the bottoms in the next photo.
I’m so glad I bought this! Everyone and her dog wears two-pieces here! Its nice to fit in 🙂 Bribie Island – surf side).
This used to be my favourite, but now it is not. I still like it though. I do love a good navy stripe. [Good story Marilee. You should tell it at parties]. (Hervey Bay, pronounced Harvey Bay).
Another one of my favourites. Stripes or polka dots and I automatically like it. (Maroochydore).
And here is one of the more adventurous suits. I bought this after arriving here and seeing that all bodies are welcome! Yours, mine, everyones’! (Tweed Heads).
A colourful one that I like. Teal and coral. God bless ’em. (Bribie Island – the not surf side).


Ok, so this $18 from Costco turned out not to be a winner. I will probably give it to the Salvos (that’s what they call the Salvation Army here). (Hervey Bay AirBnb Pool).
A new favourite! Bright pink! It takes some adjusting, but is very comfortable and beach friendly 🙂
Here it is after the adjustment, and I just love beaches! (Coolum Beach).
Once again, this does not replace my lucky brown suit, but it will fill the gap in the meantime. Also, introducing my new shorter haircut. (Burleigh Heads Beach).
This has been my favourite bathing suit for a few years. However sadly, 5 minutes after this photo was taken, I had to throw it away, after our photographer (Dan) informed me that the back was 68% see-through in a fairly key area. So, this photo will also double as the retirement announcement for this lovely bathing suit. (Our shared backyard pool).
No one is a fan of this suit – you can see the unhappiness in my face. I’ll never pull off the mom suit. (Our shared backyard pool).
And here is a favourite suit – being enjoyed at Main beach in the Gold Coast. (Main Beach, Gold Coast).
Another classic – a black halter. Notice the amazing weather though – a storm brewing behind me, and the sun blazing down from above. Glorious! Plus that tan! (Tallebudgera Creek Beach)
You can see how I feel about this suit. (Our shared backyard pool). It’s already at the Salvos.
I usually only wear this one to the outdoor pool I swim at on my way home from work sometimes, but sometimes it really comes in handy as my car suit. Especially for those unexpected beach days. Lesson learned. Never leave home without a bathing suit! (Burleigh Heads Beach)

Thanks for tuning in!!

10 thoughts on “A billion bathing suits”

  1. you go girl!
    the nunkini is great. haven’t seen many of those around. i thoroughly enjoyed the forever xxi <– see what i did there – suit. the pink and the black halter, the first one on bribie island, the polka dot peplum, the forget it they're all fucking winners!!
    nice hair!!

  2. You go girl! Beautiful as always! My fave is the black with the big red flower across one side of your chest. But, more than anything I loved your comment . …Warning: If you are anti-woman, anti-body, puritanical, hyper-conservative, closed-minded, afraid of seeing skin, straight-laced, body-negative, prudish, or don’t like seeing curvy girls in bathing suits or some other type of repressive, fuddy-duddy body snob, please feel free to skip this post. If my previous sentence made you uncomfortable, I am probably talking to you.

  3. You go girl! Looking gorgeous as usual. Surprisingly after how many beach vacays I haven’t seen them all. Where is the first one from?

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