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As shocking as it may seem, we do not spend ALL our spare time at the beach.

We also indulge in our generation’s biggest cultural contribution to society: Binge-watching TV.

Here are the shows that we have watched in full in the time leading up our move (we’ll call this BA – before australia) and the time since we’ve arrived here (AA – after australia). I am well aware both of the acronyms already have established meanings so I’ll try beau (before Australia) and afau (after Australia). No I don’t like that either. I’ll just write a heading to clarify when the shows were watched.

By “in full” I mean, all the episodes that are available.

Leading up to our move to Australia we watched:

Parks and Recreation
The Walking Dead
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones (Marilee only)
House of Cards (Marilee only)
Friday Night Lights (Marilee only)
How I Met Your Mother (Marilee only)
Happy Endings (Marilee only)
The 100 (Marilee only)

Since we’ve been here, we’ve watched:

Parks and Recreation
The Office
The Mindy Project
Game of Thrones
McLeod’s Daughters (Marilee only)
30 Rock (Marilee only)
Stargage Atlantis (Marilee only)
BBC’s Life (Marilee only)
Glee (Marilee only)
Master of None (Marilee only)
Better Call Saul
Madam Secretary (Marilee only)
Fresh Prince of Belair (in West Philadelphia born and raised…)

It sure looks like I watch a lot of television.

I’m going to write down some of the other things I do, so I don’t feel like such a couch potato.

Go the beach every weekend
Swim at the 50 metre pool some days after school
Attend yoga at the studio near my house
Garden (growing butter lettuce, chives, cilantro (locally known as coriander), basil, mint, aloe, bananas, hibiscus, portulaca and other odds and ends whose names I don’t know yet).
Go to the library every Thursday
Work four days a week as a teacher, sort of
Play with our two cats
Plan and cook delicious meals (I just learned to make amazing fish tacos!!)
Teach our neighbours to play Settlers of Catan
Visit the Northey Street Organic Markets on Sunday mornings
Visit the West End Markets on Saturday mornings

Ok that’s enough. I’m feeling more balanced now.

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