A Tribute to my Dad.

What to say about my dad.

If you tuned in a couple weeks ago, you will have learned that I am one of the lucky ones. I am blessed to count my parents among my friends.

My dad and I have a special connection. We see the world very similarly. We usually react the same way to things, are both hot headed, smooth-talkers and we have matchingly misshapen thumbs.

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My dad is one of the people I admire and respect most in the world. He is a kind, thoughtful and generous man who loves the great outdoors and human rights and my mom.

He works tirelessly, for his family, and still manages to give 100% to his small business – which is growing quickly because people are drawn to a man of character, integrity and substance.

I have never hesitated to brag about my dad, frequently calling him the “ethical lawyer”. Probably the only one too.

He has been dealt his share of hardship in the last two decades, including slogging with mom through a failed church plant that hurt them both very badly, deep family betrayal, prostate cancer, injustice in the justice system and the heart darkness that comes with having life kick the stuffing out of you.

He has managed to acquit himself from each of these ruinous disasters with grace, composure and a measure of forgiveness I can’t even fathom. He has thrown himself into the arms of his saviour and his wife who have both walked that journey with him. I think he would agree that these dark nights of the soul have made him into the man he is today – a deeper, tested man trying his best to walk in Jesus’ footsteps.

He is loyal, hilarious, adventurous and has an outstandingly broad taste in music.

He is a published author, an honest lawyer and an amazing father.

He is a mountain man, a life-saver and poet.  He is a friend, a shit-disturber and a father to many more than just me and Jess. He is an instigator, a people-gatherer and a bonafide feminist. He is a traveller, a gardener and a leader.

You are my hero and my daddy and I love you.

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