The Campbells will continue to defrost thanks to you!

Update: Our Kickstarter Campaign is now fully funded! Get ready for another year of medium-ly thoughtful insights!

I’d personally like to thank our sponsors:

Dawne and Roy D. – Gold Tier Sponsors
Karen and Martin B.  – Silver Tier Sponsors
The Mysterious Prepper John – Silver Tier Sponsor – thanks for your support!
Tanya K. – Bronze Tier Sponsor
Kelly L. – Bronze Tier Sponsor
Chloe S – Bronze Tier Sponsor
Morgana M. Bronze Tier Sponsor
Donald Trump – Didn’t sponsor me at all. Thanks for nothing Donald.

(Just kidding, I made up the tiers. I am grateful to each and every one of you for your thoughtful and generous donations)! And to many others who couldn’t donate but offered encouragement, which was also tremendously valuable.

So – what did I think about running a kickstarter campaign? It was very OK! It didn’t take long to set up, and was pretty user friendly. All in all? I’d say it was a four-star experience.

Again, I made up the stars.

Thanks again to everyone for your contributions and we’ll see you here again for next week’s post!

And yes, a bathing suit issue is forthcoming.

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