Step 1: Tell everyone you know you’re moving away.

So as you may know (and many of you do not), Dan and I are moving to Australia sometime this summer.  We’ve been accepted as permanent residents, and if we live there for 4 of the next 5 years, we’ll be eligible to become Australian-Canadian citizens – which is our plan at the moment.  (Side note: long-term, there is a possibility we could become American citizens as well, and move closer to family – say Hawaii?).

We haven’t pinned down an exact date of departure – there are still many, many things to work out, but we have to get there by September 6, 2015.  We’re planning to hold off a little while so we can have one last Canadian summer, then hop on over to the same climate of the Australian winter.  Also, our sister-in-law Kim (and hubby Mark) are set to have their first baby in June, who we’d really like to meet before peace-ing out to the other side of the planet.  There are a lot of other reasons, but those are the main ones for now.

Between now and whenever we have to:

  • figure out what we’re doing with our house (selling, renting, furnished, unfurnished, renovating into two units or keeping it as the whole house, property management company etc.)
  • hiring a mover (which is hard when we don’t know what to take and not to take yet)
  • buying flights (hard, cause no travel dates yet)
  • sorting out the cats’ travel requirements (yes we’re taking the cats with us – Abby and Lily have become family, and I think it will be comforting to have their familiar presence with us on this adventure)
  • selling off things we can’t take (anyone need an SUV? Some couches? A piano?)
  • planning for Dakota – he’s 14.5 years old now and sometimes he’s a smelly, old a-hole, and sometimes he’s a puppy! I don’t know what we’ll do if he’s still alive and healthy come departure date.  Come to think of it, I don’t know what we’ll do if he ISN’T alive and healthy come ever.
  • figure out where in Oz we’re going to go (our dream plan is to fly into Sydney or Adelaide in the south, buy a car and drive along the coast to Cairns and pick somewhere to live in between).
  • figure out what in Oz we’re going to do for jobs and accommodations (if you know anyone, I’m just saying…)
So this post is to inform you about our plans for the nearing future.

12 thoughts on “Step 1: Tell everyone you know you’re moving away.”

  1. MARILEE AND DAN! This is so exciting. Nice work with the blog, and your to-do list. What a great way to crowd-source a helping hand!

    My friend Anastasia lived in Adelaide for a few years before taking a couple months to road-trip around the country and move back to Paris. She’s back in Adelaide for work. She’s incredible sweet and smart, I bed she could give you some tips. I’ll introduce you thru email.

    One more thing… Any way I can piggy-back on your sale. I’m selling a bunch of furniture. Should we make a photo-full post of furniture pictures & prices?

  2. Hi Mare! It’s been a while. Care to elaborate on your allusion to Hawaii?

    When did you guys buy an SUV?

    How’s your knee feeling?

    Hope you’re both well. I look forward to keeping up with this blog.


    1. Hi Peddy!!

      Elaborate on Hawaii eh? Well, we went there in May/June 2014 and thought it was the most magical place on earth and wanted to stay there forever. So if we can one day go back, somehow gaining our American citizenship or green cards, then we can truly live the dream 🙂

      We bought the Highlander (SUV) in February 2012, to accommodate having a second large dog and still be able to go camping. The second dog didn’t work out, (it became a conflict between Dan losing his mind, and Alaska losing his life) but we have kept the SUV as our second car and really like it! I could go on and on about Toyotas.

      My Achilles is coming along. Physio says I’m on track at 90% recovery, but the last 10% will take 2-3 years to fully heal. Its just time and regular use now.

      Hope you guys are well with your new baby!! Any chance we’ll see you out this way before we go?


  3. Well, just that while I am so so so happy for you both, being sun-worshippers….I will be, am, and have been, sad to know that you’ll be shining your sunshine somewhere else.

    1. Well, you are always welcome to come visit us – as everyone needs a little sunny holiday every once in awhile 😉

  4. So sad to see you go. Deja vue. That was us, some 25 years ago when we moved to Canada. Two cents here – don’t ship anything you can buy there. By the way, your blog is awesome. Will be following your exciting journey.

    1. Thanks for the good advice – we’ve been hearing that sentiment more and more these days 🙂 There are some things I don’t really want to part with though – sentimental things that we’ll take no matter the cost I think.

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