What Australians think about Donald Trump

Full disclosure, this post is only what I think of Donald Trump. It takes too much time to ask all Australians anything. I have asked several individuals, and so far they all agree with me.  Honestly, I have yet to meet an Aussie who supports Trump.

So here we go.

If we are friends on Facebook and you haven’t blocked my feed (because of excessively political or feminist posts), then you will know that I am passionate NON SUPPORTER of Donald Trump.

I think he is a serial liar, but can’t say it better than John Oliver does here. So I’ll leave that to John Oliver.

I have, like many people watching the American election unfold, experienced the five stages of grief, as discussed here.

I have watch with shock and dismay as he’s latched himself onto evangelical Christianity and somehow duped people into believing he follows Jesus. (As if  blatant infidelity, heartless, thoughtless greed and oppression of anyone who isn’t a white male is something Jesus Christ would have been down with). But I don’t express my objections to this nearly as well is the New York Times did here.

I am also extremely concerned with the way he views women. In today’s day and age? Really? The number of times he’s been offensive, rude, sexist, chauvinistic and actually cruel toward women are hard to count. But the Huffington Post compiled a pretty hefty list here.

If all this is starting to get to you, perhaps you should tune in here for Stephen Colbert who moderated a debate between Donald Trump and Donald Trump. It’s lighthearted and very worth a watch. Or here to see the AMAZING commercial SNL put together for the Trump campaign.

Fear mongering, patriotic manipulation, overt sexism, violence, threats and racism have all become part of the Trump brand, and I want so badly to remind Americans that your country can be more than that. I can’t say it any better than Jeff Daniel’s character did here, in Aaron Sorkin’s show – the Newsroom (language warning).

I think we need to look out for one another, because we are one species. And Bill Nye agrees:


So, please. It has to stop. This way lies madness.


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