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Since it’s been a long time since our last entry, I’ll fill you in on a few changes.

I’ve been seeing the doctor for possible treatment options of hypo-thyroid. That’s been tricky since we have only just sorted out our health insurance (you have one year to do it after getting your medicare card), or you’ll be penalized. So the expenses will be out of pocket, since it’s now considered a pre-existing condition. Or I can wait one year, for treatment that will be covered. But I’m tired of the fatigue, the dry skin, the um, weight management issues and so on. So that’s one, not so fun thing.

We’ve moved to Tweed Heads, a little town south of the Gold Coast. (About 1-1.5 hours from the Brisbane Airport, if you’re planning a visit soon). Our new house is on the river and I like it a lot. Life as a river person is nice. Quiet, except the crows. But don’t worry. I’ve ordered Crow Away (like Go AWAY!) Which should drive them nuts. It should arrive any day now. I’ll keep you posted about it’s efficacy. I’m a little worried the CD will be more annoying than the sound of crows…

We officially opened the doors of our new Airbnb five days ago. We’ve had three guests so far, so we’re happy with how that’s going. Dan’s worked out that if we have guests every night and they pay $70, our rent will be covered.  Please feel free to come stay. The link is here.

I’m looking for work, having quit my first Australian job on the anniversary of our arrival in this country. I am having a little trouble motivating myself to leave the river though. So that’s been tough. I have managed to narrow down the list of things I want to do to about 100. Here are a few:

Writer, blogger, reviewer
Bed and Breakfast owner
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Speech Writer
Ornithologist (one who studies birds)
Marine Biologist or Marine Vet
Water Conservation worker
Event Planner
Dog or horse breeder
Equestrian show jumper
Park Ranger/Warden
Philanthropist (who doesn’t want this job?)

So really, I’m nowhere.

Dan is loving his new job as an aviation mechanic. The company he works for owns an island and makes their living shuttling people over to their resort on this island. I’m looking forward to staff appreciation holidays 😉

We now live in a new state. We used to live in Queensland. Now we live in New South Wales. So I guess we’re Welsh. Hi Lowri!

There’s a small annoyance with that. First, the cost of switching the car registration over is no small complaint (around $1000). And secondly, NSW uses daylight savings time. Like a progressive state should. Queensland uses no such devices “(If its good enough for the sun, its good enough for us!?)” So living in NSW and working in QLD should be exciting.

We bought a king bed, second hand out of some lady’s storage shed. It’s a little sketchy, but the price was right. I regret nothing.

We’re struggling to get internet up and running. You may recall that last year when we moved in Brisbane, it took nearly 4 weeks to get it up and rolling. This is shaping up to be much the same story, only slower internet,  for more money.

The cats love their new place. There are five neighbourhood cats who come visit. Toothless, Goldilocks, Pumpkin II, Ed and Larry. Toothless is a regular and comes by at least six times a day to flaunt his freedom in our indoor cats’ captive faces. Like America.

We miss our old neighbours. We won’t saying anything specifically bad about the new ones (in case they become friends and one day read this). But they are all smokers. Not that there is anything wrong with smokers (unless you happen to be one of the low-life-smokers who throw their butts on the ground). So far, there’s been no smoke smell in our house though – so all is well. But the new neighbours aren’t as social as our old, nice neighbours. They sometimes feed the crows (grrrr). And one neighbour rolled his green bin (the bin for grass clippings and tree offings) over to our lawn on garbage day without asking. And not that I mind at all! But it would have been nice to meet.

What else?

We’ve got to start the friend-making process all over again. We made some lovely friends back in Brissie, but they are a whole hour away.  I’m sure they’ll be weekend friends, but we need weekday friends too.

I was going to be an uber driver, but our car is one year too old.

My 32nd birthday is coming up soon and all I want is to be in less debt. And a stand up paddle board. And a visit from my family.

And binoculars so I can see the birds. I’ve learned two new local varieties. I already knew about the Sacred Ibis, the magpies of course, the lorikeets, the cockatoos, the Pelicans and the brush turkeys. But in the last couple of weeks I’ve learned to identify the blue-headed honey eater (thanks to a group of birders I follow on Facebook) and Willie Wagtails (thanks to one smoking neighbour). I will probably do an entry soon on the local birds so you can wait with bated breath for that one 😉

That will about do it for me for now. Thanks for tuning in for Dan and Mare’s life update!


9 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. Mare! So glad to hear Dan’s enjoying the new job! I’m sorry to hear about the hypothyroid 🙁 Sounds like you’re not letting it slow you down – living in a new state, in a new home, in a (somewhat sketchy) new bed, managing a handful of cats, and running an AirBnB!!! You’re amazing.

  2. Glad to get the update Marilee you have been busy. Looking forward to the pictures of the birds that you are talking about. I am sure that you will find more friends as time goes on. Glad that Dan is enjoying his new job. What is the name of the island, (that the planes fly to. Julie was asking me and I told her I would ask. Our weather here is staying warm to be humid again by the middle of the week. Hope that you can find a likeable job soon dear. Love to both of you. A. Linda & U.Gary

  3. “Emergency Preparedness Coordinator” 😉

    You might want to think about monetising your site as an Amazon Associate maybe? (every little bit helps, right?)

    Unless you’re a large site though, the pickings are meagre, but every few months you receive a cheque in $US (most Aussie banks will charge you to deposit the foreign currency) or treat yourselves to some gear from the US with Amazon credit (the other way they pay you).

    And yes, I’ve been checking regularly, wondering what became of you guys. 🙂

  4. I alway look forward to reading a new post from you. I wish you well in finding your new job, making friends and in figuring out how to manage this new health challenge. Oh yes…and I wish you visits from many family members (like from that aunt you have in Edmonton).

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