The furthest south we’ve ever been…

So it turns out, unsurprisingly, that we are no different than all the other blogs that start with a story to tell and then get distracted and forget about the blog. The other I was driving to the grocery store thinking, gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on our blog. Then I was like, probably a few months now I would guess. Then I looked, and it was actually nearly a year since our last post. Oops! Sorry about that!

So, in order to avoid being boring, but also to catch you up on our lives, here is a photo blog of the last year. I have no idea how long it will be. Probably long because a year is a long time. But I’ll add a few stories in here and there for you. You’re welcome.

Update, it turns out WAY too much has happened in the last year to cover in one post. So I’ll do it in chapters. Chronological order be damned though, I’m doing it in the order my brain decides.

The year before last, we didn’t make many entries here on our blog because our lives were quite boring. This year, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We have had so much going on it’s been hard to get time to write at all! But now here we are, a rainy ANZAC day holiday – on the couch with a chai tea, a dash of vanilla and a splash of cream, and some fresh, crisp market grapes.

So as you’ll learn in coming blog posts, I’m back with a previous employer on another contract doing climate change research – my favourite job ever! As part of this, they sent me down to the Coast to Coast conference in Hobart, Tasmania for several days. The conference was fine. But Hobart, and Tasmania were amazing! Dan flew down on the Friday night to meet me and we spent the weekend exploring Tassie. As much as you can do in a weekend!

Rather than tell you what we did, I’ll show you (and also tell you – pictures without captions are annoying):


Here is Dan walking out to the Tasman Sea somewhere in Hobart. I wasn’t paying close attention to where we were because I had to pee!
We stayed at an AirBnB called Wombat Haven on the Tasman Peninsula, where the host, Cheryl, rescues wombats. When she encounters a dead wombat at the side of the road (which are numerous), she doesn’t drive past, she hops out, (dons gloves we hope???), and checks if the wombat is female. If it is, she checks the pouch for joeys! (All baby marsupials are called joeys). She then brings it home, nurses it to health and once it’s old enough, releases it into the wild in a nature reserve in central Tasmania. This is Buddy and the Terror. They loved me as long as Dan wasn’t around. Then they LOVED him and hated me.
My cute wombat buddies.
You can see how excited we both are to be hanging out with these two. There was another slightly older one but he was being prepped for release so couldn’t interact with humans. She also had two baby babies she was nursing inside the house.
The Terror both loves and hates to be held.
Then we did a driving tour of some of the Tasman Peninsula. We saw lots of rock formations – this is the view from the lookout near the Blowhole. Yes, that’s its real name. Look it up.
More beautiful cliff formations caused by wind and water erosion on the sandstone rock walls. I believe this is the view from the Devil’s Kitchen lookout – but can’t be sure…
This is the Tasman Arch.
We also went to the top of Mount Wellington. The mountains down here in Tassie are some of the oldest in the world and I think you can feel that.
More from Mount Wellington.
This is some of the wild country looking inland from Mt. Wellington. Much of this is untouched by humans. Except probably Aragorn and his Fellowship from the looks of things.
We also visited Port Arthur, a prison with a dark history – both recent and distant.
This is some of the mossy beauty from inside one of the cliffs – we were able to hike down into Remarkable Cave (good naming Australia… really…). It was beautiful, but a lot of stairs to climb out.
The stairway down into Remarkable Cave.
Dan, on one of the many short hikes we took along the cliff coast of Tassie.
The lookout near Remarkable Cave.
It felt like sunset started around 1:30 pm. Not sure why… probably because we’re so far south?
A beautiful Tasmanian flower. Bottlebrush I think.
The waves crashing on the cliffs were spectacular.
More cliffs. More waves.
Back up Mount Wellington – that’s what I get for taking two cameras. Yes. Fine. I could rearrange the pictures, but it’s harder than it looks ok?
This mysterious tower at the top of Mt. Wellington. There was a sign near the car park that said often remote locks don’t work here – some sort of electrical interference… gulp….
Dan at the top of the mountain!!
The view from the top. This was breathtakingly beautiful and you could sense how ancient this land is.
Look, Dan takes pictures too – see?
Looking down on the city of Hobart, Tasmania. The furthest south we’ve ever been. (Though fun fact, it’s still closer to the equator than to the south pole!)

So that was our trip to Tassie. More stories to come in whatever order happens.

2 thoughts on “The furthest south we’ve ever been…”

  1. Great pics, Marilee! And fun stories too! You seem to have settled in quite well!
    Take care,
    Ailleen (CIWA -a lifetime ago)

    1. Thanks Ailleen with two Ls! Lovely to hear from you! How are you in this lifetime? Are you still volunteering? I think of you often because I have a volunteer here called Aileen and I wonder if her home is as filled with art and colour as yours!!! 🙂 Keep well!

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