Life since my parents left… sad face…

So you may or may not know that we were lucky enough to celebrate birthdays with both my parents IN PERSON. IN AUSTRALIA! BECAUSE THEY BOTH CAME HERE! ON PURPOSE!

That’s right. My parents, who said they didn’t think they’d ever come to see us in Australia, came for their first visit. But that post is coming later. This post is not about that visit. Instead, it’s about what we’ve been up to since they left. Many things. That’s what. Grieving is one, but not the only one.

So when they got back to Canada, my folks celebrated their birthdays with my sister and brother in law. I took this picture over facetime, so it’s like I was there.
We sent back some presents for family with mom and dad, and this is Jessica’s cryptic way of saying she likes the shirt I picked out for her – it has an owl on it.
As usual, I like to visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with my annual membership which allows me to go for free anytime I fancy it. So I went and checked out these spooning aquatic monitors. (I have no idea if that’s what they really are. Probably not).
Then there was the time Dan forgot to take his cell phone out of his shorts when he went surfing… Just kidding. Sometimes the geo-tracker isn’t accurate.
Another visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to visit these new additions to the Lost Valley – my favourite spot. Golden cordobarras. I totally made that up. They have a name and I’ve forgotten it.
One time, when diving through the waves, I thought I went a bit low and scooped up a bit of sand in my togs. This is what happened when I took them off. It was a scratchy ride home…
ANOTHER trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – this time to see the ring-tailed lemurs (their real names!) in the Lost Valley. This one looks awfully human.
Spotted some ducks on a log – I don’t normally see ducks standing up in trees like this so I grabbed a pic.
A mum and her joey.
Some hungry wallabies – rock wallabies maybe?
As usual, I like to do the lorikeet feeding. I’m getting smarter and wearing a hat, or a poop collector as I like to call it.
My dear friend also wore a poop collector, but hers was open on top. I hear excrement is good for our roots though so…
By now you surely know how I feel about birds.
Feeding Rocko the Roo.
We do have some pretty nice sunsets in our part of the Gold Coast.
This one was for dad. His favourite indulgence while he was here was turkish delight. And its always better to not pay full price!
A photo of my office. Here I’m booking travel for our upcoming conference in Melbourne (well, it was upcoming at the time, now its in the past). But how nice is my view?
Then there was the time Dan took me flying up over Murwillumbah. Gorgeous! So much nicer than flying up over snowy dirty fields of Okotoks. No offence Okotoks.
Here’s the view out the window, of the beach just north of Byron Bay – and that’s our shadow!!! Can you see me waving?
Cape Byron, the furthest east mainland point of Australia.
I just like this.
An unedited photo. Look at the colour of the sea!
Here we are in the plane!! Cessna 172 if you’re curious!
And here’s what I do in my spare time. Hay Day. It’s a game. My whole family plays. LIke everyone. Cousins, distant relatives, close relatives, friends, relatives of friends! We’re all out there!

Anyway – so that’s some of what we’ve been up to since mom and dad left. Thanks for tuning in!

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