Andrea came to stay!

Welp, it happened. My best friend came to stay with me for three whole months. I have to say, it was a whirlwind for me. We packed a lot of adventure into that time, especially considering that I was working full, and then part time during it!

So here are the pictures. Because they are worth a thousand words. And I can’t type a thousand words.  I mean I can, but who would want that? So pictures it is!

Apologies as some photos are out of order. I am confident that you as an educated and insightful reader will understand. You’re very nice.

To start with, we went to Cairns, where we took a gondola up the mountain to visit the rainforset. One of the best executive decisions I’ve ever made was springing for an extra 10$ each to get the glass bottom ones! Confronting, but amazing!
Here are some of the views of the rainforest, looking out toward Cairns.
Meet my best friend Andrea and my other best friend (and spouse) Dan. They don’t seem sure of what to make of this new mode of transportation. I’m over the moon!
The gondola stopped at three places where you could get out and walk. So we got out and followed a guided trail through the rainforest, where the guide (literally a bloke named Mick) pointed out this bad boy, sunning himself just off the trail.
The viewing platform over a waterfall. Probably it had a name.
My friend Andrea liked the rainforest, and particularly, these fan shaped leaves!
The train stopped so we could look out over the valley. Name unknown.
Dan took a nap on the train. It was a long day. Side note, it’s his annoying superpower that he can fall asleep anywhere.
More tropical rainforest shots. You’re not tiring of these are you? Good.
This little waterfall is one of my favourite little hikes in Tambourine National Park – Curtis falls. My favourite time to go is when its raining – it’s a little slipperier but so many fewer hikers. Many fewer? Come on Marilee.
This is me at the same waterfall. Curtis falls. I love to see the kookaburras here.
We went to a theme park that was tailor-made for us. Rides? Screaming kids? Nowhere to be seen. Fruit? More fruit? Trees? Handsome farm hands that drive you around the farm showing you the new hybrid fruits they have been whipping up? You must be talking about Tropical Fruit World!!! Yes. Here we are at Tropical Fruit World. Tasting fruits I have literally never heard of.
For example. Here at TFW we found this beauty: Jabuticaba a Brazilian fruit that grows on the TRUNK!! Do you care? Maybe tropical fruit world isn’t for you.
This is the view from Tropical Fruit World over the volcano ring where we live.
I’d like to introduce you to my favourite tree in Australia. On the back way out to Murwillumbah, it stands alone. Looking majestic.
This is the view of Bondi Beach – one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. Meet me in Sydney and I’ll show you.
A jet-lagged Andrea getting ready for the first of many therapeutic swims in Australia!
Sunset in a park in Sydney. Here we got to admire a banyan fig?
Happy Birthday Andrea! Flowers from the Palm Beach markets 🙂
Hammock in the backyard. One of life’s simple pleasures.
Combining some of my favourite things, the beach, opera, the outdoors, opera, the beach. We went to see Aida in an outdoor beach show! SO AMAZING!
We tried to walk as often as we could. And apparently we tried to match as often as we could too!
Andrea grounding herself at Coolangatta beach.
A DF GF treat from Rainbow Bay – what a great beach day!
First time driving on the antipodes side of the road.
Beach in the morning, beach in the afternoon, beach in the evening.
Visited the Tweed Art Gallery nearby.
This spoke to me of Dan. And me. And art.
A nice panorama from the Tweed Gallery. Pastoral. Sky-ish.
Sweet treat after a swim at the 50 metre M-Bah pool.
One of the many swimming pools we visited. This is Club Banora. They also have a sauna if you were wondering. No spa though (which is what Aussie’s call a hot tub).
Foggy days in the rainforest behind our house.
Muffins at the beach. Tent is SPF 50 if you were wondering.
The 50 metre pool at Kirra.
Byron Bay selfie!
I told Andrea that the lighthouse in Byron Bay is the furthest east point on mainland Australia but that wasn’t good enough. So off she went walking out further east.
Looking down the railing toward the ocean. OBviously.
Sunset at Watego beach in Byron. Look at you Andrea you land mermaid!
Winding down at the end of a long day with Harvey and Mike.
A giant purple chair at the Jacaranda Festival in Grafton. One of Andrea’s fave colours is purple so it was like heaven for her I think 🙂
One of many nice gardens wandering around Grafton.
What is a jacaranda you ask? This is. This purple flowered tree.
What? Another jacaranda.
One of the flights we did. Clearly going north.
North to Cairns!!
Here I am being excited to ride the gondola in Cairns. You would be too!
This toenail polish is called Liquid Sand if you were wondering.
Looking down through the glass floor. Sorry the pictures are out of order. You’ll live.
Dan likes planes. Even old, crashed ones.
More rainforest plane crash. This was not our plane thankfully.
Me and Andrea stopping for a quick selfie off the train in Cairns.
Waterfall. Name could be looked up. By you.
Dan, contemplating the life choices that led him to sit by my foot alone on this bench in this train car in this country.
Andrea, thinking similar, deep thoughts. Or trying not to get car sick…
One of MANY tunnels!
My view on the train.
Unlike Dan, we are fake sleepers.
Ubering around Cairns, we snapped some pics of weather rolling in. That’s the ocean just there.
What else is there to do in Cairns? Go to the Great Barrier Reef of course! Here we go!!
This is us on our way to the outer reef. We’re not swimming thankfully.
The view from our speedboat.
Dan, showing off his superpower again.
One of my fave pics of the trip. Andrea admiring some of the work at the Cairns Art Gallery.
Another gold coast pool.
Yes, I see now that the photos are badly out of order. But maybe it will make it more interesting. Maybe not.
A purple hairdo!
The Jabuticaba again! Weird right? So tasty though! Thanks Brazil!
Hot macadamia nuts!
Our Airbnb in Sydney! WHat a view!!
On the ferry from Manly to the Central Quay (pronounced Key if you were curious).
Again, not swimming.
A lovely snap of the iconic Sydney harbour from the ferry!
On the steps of some building. Probably a famous one.
Admiring the botanical gardens in Sydney!
We were both fans of the botanical wall at the Calyx.
The Calyx. What a fun place!
Andrea is hiding in here.
At one of our happy places. We both love a garden.
A FERNERY! THat’s some place I’d love to go. And I did. And it was AMAZING! As you can see by my face.
Inside the fernery.
More fernery.
Greeting an old friend.
I am ashamed at myself that I can’t recall where I saw this. I think the art gallery of NSW.
I LOVE this piece.
You will not believe how long it took us to find this. Recognise it? Maybe you are also a fan of Dance Academy?
One last Jacaranda to see Andrea off.
Back on the ferry.
A bird photobombing us at the Tweed Art Gallery.
Thanks for reading, scrolling. Looking. Whatever. Thanks for sharing these moments with us!

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