Step 19 – Explain 22 bathing suits

As I mentioned in Step 10, I am bringing 22 bathing suits with me to Australia.

Since Step 10 was written, I’ve bought 2 more.

WHAT THE *%$#&??? You might be thinking.  (Hopefully not, cause that’s rude).

What does a person need with 24 bathing suits you might say?

And I say, don’t judge me. I like bathing suits.  I collect them.   I had an awesome one, then wore it so many times it went see through in some key places.  No good.

I have searched high and low for a replacement bathing suit in the same style or colour or both and have found nothing like it.  But what I have found is 24 other bathing suits I like second best.

What’s that? You’d like to see them?


So, I’ve taken some time to photograph each of the 24 bathing suits for you. What I plan to do is run this blog post in two parts. First is obviously this post. However, I pledge to you today, to wear each of the 24 bathing suits to 24 beaches, take 24 pictures and I’ll post the 24 bathing suits doing what they’re meant to do.

Hanging on a hanger? Taking up room in a drawer?


Being worn!

And finally – here’s what all the fuss is about.

Two of my favourite colours: Teal and Corral
I think this is a bathing suit Cruela DeVille would wear. (It’s not made out of puppies though – I think it just makes me look like a Dalmatian).
The classic, navy polka dot. I (like most women who frequent Pinterest and have large chunky glasses) LOVE polka dots.
This is the closest I’ve come to being able to replace my most favoured of suits. I wish it were plain and halter top.
The black halter. Boring, but basically ubiquitous.
This is my A-team lane swimming suit. Off a MEC clearance rack. Thanks MEC 🙂
This is for those days when you just want to stand out. Which for me is every day. I wear this every day.
This is a two-in-one suit (reversible).
This is the other side. Yes I count it as two suits.
This was the only time I’ve ever paid more than $100 for a bathing suit. Totally worth it.
This one is the classic black with a twist – it can go strapless for a more even burn.
If I were a mom, this is the suit I’d always wear. Roomy and comfortable – its an easy go-to.
This hot pink suit actually came with a beach cover-up too! Awesomeness to the power of awesomeness.
This, believe it or not, is a one piece. I admit, in this photo it looks a little like lingerie. It isn’t.
The nun tankini. The Nunkini. You heard it here first.
Stripes. I love stripes. And dots. But mainly stripes.
Speaking of polka dots…
Weird pattern but I like the colours.
More stripes!
A nice tropical print.
Once again, I’m trying to recreate that first, awesome suit that was my favourite. This I like, but not as much.
Another bold print. I love this one! I love them all!
And the boring black racing suit.
And here is the last one I bought/will buy before going over. Ordered it online – which was the first time I’d done that with a bathing suit. It worked out swimmingly 😉


So, in summation, I will reiterate that I like bathing suits – and that it’s important to let your body go outside and be loved by the sun and the sky and by eyeballs! It’s a beautiful body!

7 thoughts on “Step 19 – Explain 22 bathing suits”

  1. I love all of them, but my favourites are the MEC one (because I have it too!) and the nunkini because of the name! Also the one you wear every day. My absolute favorite thing about vacations is to get up in the morning and get dressed directly into my bathing suit 🙂

  2. Well how could you possibly choose one and not another????They’re all so cute! But if I had to choose, I’d pick the classic navy polka-dotted one. Although maybe I’d have to go with the two-piece navy striped. Oh but I do like the one-piece navy striped. I might be sensing a theme here… My only objection to all those swimsuits going to Australia is that you’re going with them…sigh! I guess I’ll just have to come and borrow one someday.

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