Step 21 – Explain why we’re taking the cats

Now that Dakota has died, the most common question we get asked is “Why are you taking your cats?”

This is a good question. As you’ve seen from the Money post, it’s almost as much money to get them over to Oz as us!

Well, there are a few reasons, some superficial, and some serious.  Ok, mainly superficial.

  • cause they’re cute
  • cause they’re comforting and remind us of home
  • cause we’ve spent so much money on them already
  • we want to keep them together
  • pets can’t choose us, so we try to be loyal to them
  • mainly because we like them

One of our major roadblocks though, is that we’ll be bringing the cats.  We’ll have to rent a car that’s ok with us putting animals in it, we’ll have to rent a place that’s ok with us having animals in it etc.

We wanted to arrive in Oz at least one month before the cats so we could tootle around the country, and pick a place to live.  (We thought about buying an RV or camper when we get there and bringing them with us for the country-tour, but we’d have to leave the AC on in the car for them while we go to the beach. Also what if they escaped into the outback)? But this plan hasn’t worked out.

These two are pretty oblivious toward the plans we have for their futures.

We have been preparing the cats a bit for their imminent move. We’ve been explaining it to them in teachable moments, though it’s really not clear how much is truly sinking in.

But more recently, we took them on a trial car ride to see what they’d be like out of their kennels during our 900km drive from Sydney to Brisbane.

The results?

Freaked, but not overwhelmed.

Abby doesn’t understand why the floor seems so unstable.
Lily is alarmingly apathetic.
Though Abby does like the view from the back window.
Family selfie! (Probably the most dangerous photo I’ve ever taken).

I have been trying to convince Dan to take them up for a flight in one of his little planes at the flying club so they can start getting prepped for that part of the journey.

So far, he doesn’t seem keen.

I’ll keep you posted.

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