Step 22 – Ship your stuff

So in case you missed it – we’re moving to Australia.  We’re getting rid of most of our stuff, and moving as permanent residents to a country neither of us have ever set foot on.  We’re taking with us our two cats, Lily and Abby and as little stuff as we can manage to bring. Highlights include:

  • Our clothes (summer clothes only – cold weather clothes we’re consigning, garage sale-ing and/or giving away).

    The clothing pile. We’ve heard clothes are expensive… Also we like our clothes.
  • Our DVD player – so we can watch the Canadian DVDs we’re bringing.
  • Our cats – Abby and Lily who are not helping in any way with the preparations. Moochers.
  • Bedroom light fixture – its just too pretty and unique to leave behind, though we’re going to have to rewire the lights in it once we arrive, so as to prevent house fires. light
  • The blue pottery Mrs. Campbell had made for us at Hutton House in Ontario.
  • Our favourite artwork, as long as it can be de-framed and rolled up.  I’ll post photos of the artwork that’s coming later on.
  • Three of Dan’s five Radio Controlled airplanes and some parts.
  • 4 photo albums.
  • 3 power adapters (to convert the Canadian electronics we’re bringing to Oz power).
  • Our towels – On our wedding registry, I placed the finest quality towels money could buy (your money – thank you). Face clothes were $14. Hand towels $28. Full towels were $69. We got a full set of 8 of each.  I have loved them from the get-go. Dan has loathed them from the get-go (add loathing to the emotions he feels I guess). For the first 1-5 years (depending on which of us you ask), these towels shed tiny blue fuzz balls any time they’d dry us off.  It’s only been in the last couple of years that they’ve really, completely stopped blue-fuzzy-ing us. So I want to take them. We’ve invested so many years into making them fuzz-free towels that we can’t leave them now!
  • My favourite wine-glasses – these have colourful stems. Have you ever tried to find wine glasses with colourful stems? Try it sometime – it’s nearly impossible.
  • Some technology (my Kindle, my iPod, our laptops, my unlocked Nexus 5 phone etc).
  • 1 bin of Christmas decorations (I love my Quilted Jim Shore Nativity)!
  • 1 camping tent – in case we can’t afford accommodations.
  • 3 blankets – to be honest, these are more for colour and accent purposes than warming purposes. One is for comfort.
  • Our fave board games (i.e. Settlers of Catan and Pandemic) – cause this is how we’re going to make new friends.
  • Our snorkels/masks/fins (though we’ve heard the Oz quarantine rules may not allow us to bring them. Apparently, if your equipment has ever been in a fresh water lake environment, it may carry pathogens forward into Oz’s oceans and kill the local sea life.  Which would obviously be tragic. But our equipment has never been in a fresh water lake. Because they’re physically too cold to swim in here in Canada).
  • Dan’s rollerblades – he has awesome hand-me-down rollerblades from his dad. They’re nicer than any other sport’s equipment we own. These rollerblades might get my seat on the plane.
  • Dan’s wetsuit.
  • Some kitchen stuff (Tupperware bowls, a teal brie dish, my lucky spatula).
  • A few knick-knacky things (Mexican mask, hourglass vase, Hawaiian stone).
  • A wicker basket I really like
  • And of course my 24 bathing suits

Logistically, how it will work is: on June 24, we shipped our heaviest, most compact things that we want to bring (books etc). Really, anything that we know we want to bring, but can live without for the next few months. We sent that stuff via groupage.

What is groupage? We share a shipping container with everyone else who is too cheap/poor (or too economical) to get their own container. Once the container is full (once enough people have contributed to it), it will sail over to Brisbane – which will take between 75 and 110 days. They charge by volume, not weight.

Here is some of what we’re shipping.


We’ll pick it up on the other end and have Christmas in September. Or October. Or November, or whenever it arrives.

Here is our stuff inside the truck.
And the truck, getting ready to drive away… all the way to Australia.

The rest of our stuff will be coming with us in the up to six suitcases we’re allowed to bring.

I can only assume since you’re still reading, that you’re interested in knowing what specifically was sent. Here is the somewhat itemized list of what has shipped to Oz – though this still isn’t everything. Some items were thrown in last minute.

Navy Raincoat
Cream Raincoat
Red Joseph Ricoff Blazer
Black and White Joseph Ricoff Blazer
Columbia Brown Wind breaker
Teal Button up jacket
Black Manly jacket

Cream Scarf
Polka Dot Scarf
Fall Colours Pashmina
Purple, Green, Brown best scarf ever

Blue/white striped dress
Teal Birthday Dress
Plain Black Zip Dress
Teal Strapless
Brown full length dress
Grey/Teal Dress
Green Mindy Dress
Polka Dot Zulily Dress
Navy Beach dress
Black Beach Dress
Navy Wanderlust dress

…details removed to protect some semblance of privacy…

Khaki pixie pants
Khaki shorts
Pinstripe shorts
MEC Longjohns (for snorkelling – great sun protection).
Navy Crop shorts
Navy and white stripe PJ pants
Brown shorts
Black shorts
Checker shorts
Grey skort
Grey/Pink track shorts
Black long johns
Black clam diggers
White paisley crop pants
Neoprene shorts
Dan’s pants and shorts

Bathing Suits
Navy Polka Dot
Swimco Stripes
Lingerie Red
Zulily Strapless
Blue/Teal Zebra Tropical Print
Black Ribbed
Brown and Teal
Black Racer Back
Black Hibiscus
Blue/Teal Tankini
Brown Tie up bottoms
Brown Bottoms
White Tie up Bottoms
Teal and Coral Tankini
Pink Flower Mom Suit
Orange floral Tankini
Navy Stripes Tankini
Purple Reversible
Black Bottoms

Navy Tommy flipflops
Navy striped Joe Fresh flipflops
Navy Joe fresh flip flops
Teal flats
Steel Toed shoes
Columbia Hiking Boots
Black Leather flats
Men’s Navy Vans
Black Leather kitten wedge heels
Navy Flats
Steel Toed Runners x2
Leather Moccasins
Black Men’s Dress Shoes

Jones New York Cream Flower T
Lucky interview blazer
Teal Polka button up sweater
Grey Long Sleeve T
White T
Grey Jana Infinity Shirt
Navy Anchor Sweater
Grey Target T
White Rash Guard
Beige fishnet sweater
Blue old navy T
Black yoga hoodie
Cream/Navy tank
Cream tank
Red yoga hoodie
Cream beaded tank
White beach hoodie
Red T
Burgundy Tank
Yessica Netherlands T
Light teal button down
Blue striped tank
Navy and green polka dot button down
Coral columbia sweater
Red pull-on cover up
Coral rash guard
TH Red w/ black dots
Old Navy button up tank – magenta
5 Spaghetti strap tanks
cream lace tank
Old navy white long sleeve t
teal tank
white workout t
white tank
white navy tank
cream polka dot button down
white and navy striped t
white ukrainian tank
red tank
Old Navy button up tank- black
Navy beach coverup
Black tank
Navy tank
Old Navy button up tank – navy white dots
Navy adjustable tank
Heart sweater
Green jacket
Pink/orange beach coverup
orange tank
orange white stripe long sleeve t
neon pink workout t
pink t
Red vest
Navy and white stripe top (nordstroms)
Yellow long sleeve t
black gathered t
20 T-shirts for Dan
5 dress shirts for Dan

Bag – pink, mesh beach bag
Bag – Swimco woman art x2
Bag – orange/teal bible verse
Laptop bag – silver zip
Laptop bag – teal with white polka dots
Purse – Black Leather Nine West
Purse – Navy, leather strap
Cooler – Costco
Backpack – Blue MEC
Purse – Teal Polka dot – fossil

Glasses – small horn rims, prescription
Glasses – orange, prescription
Sunglasses – brown, polarized
Sunglasses – brown x2
Sunglasses – white, sporty
Watch – artisan teal
Watch – artisan brown
Belt – large, black, stretchy

2 bars Dove Soap
15 Venus Razor Heads
Burts Bees Lip Chap
Veggiewitch deodorant (pumpkin chai) 🙂
Tampons Box
Tom’s Deodorant – Calendula
Tom’s Deodorant – Lemongrass x2
60 Pantyliners – Umbra
6 Sunscreens
Makeup Kit (Inc. B-Team Makeup and Mary Kay stuff)
Cilantro Toothpaste
Sinfulicious Lotion from Mehreen 🙂

Green shooky blanket
36 microfibre rags
6 Navy towels
Cream soft blanket
Teal Microfleece blanket
7 Handtowels – Navy
9 Faceclothes- Navy
1 Navy pillow case
1 white pillow case cover
12 Dish clothes

Beware the Mare Bumper Sticker
3D Card
Some cards and letters
Some pictures and notes

Cards Against Humanity
Card deck – airplane

Mexico mask
Dakota hearts
Hawaii Stone
Potted Woman Vase
4 Glass Coasters
Teal Mason Jar Candle
6 hanging eye catchers
Red soapstone heart
Africa Jewellry Box

N95 Mask
Fabric Tape
Garment Bag – Laura
Confectioner’s Box from Mehreen
Little Black Apron

DVDs and CDs
Engagement pics CD
Wedding pics CD
Personal shower CD
Steve Bell Pilgrimage
Tin of music CDs
Les Mis
Parks and Rec
The Office
The West Wing
The Mindy Project

Photo Albums
Shutterbug Photo Log
Light green photo album
Brown ornate photo album
Green photo album

Tiny Flower Canvas and easel
Japanese Wall Hanging
Daphne’s painting
Deborah’s Fabric Art
Steph’s Cherry Tree
Australia Poster

Pelican 1010 Yellow case
4GB SD card
Stylus – green
Retractable micro USB/USB charger
Nortel Green 2GB Flash drive
Lowpro Black/grey zip case
Tripod – bendy Joby
Bike lights and USB charger
Head lamp
Black stylus
Green headphones – westjet
Cobra Walkie Talkie set
USB Adapter x2

The Red Tent by Anita Diamont
Travelling Mercies by Anne Lamott (my favourite author)
Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lamott
Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott
Stitches by Anne Lamott
Small Victories by Anne Lamott
Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamott (you may have noticed a fave author)
Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell
Archon by Catherine Fisher
Women Food and God by Geneen Roth
The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane
Majestic and Wild by Murray Pura (another one of my fave authors)
Mizzly Fitch by Murray Pura
The Poets of Windhover Marsh by Murray Pura
Pilgrimage by Steve Bell (one of my favourite artists)
The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
The Mark of the Lion Trilogy by Francine Rivers
The Golden Compass Trilogy by Philip Pullman
The Harry Potter Series by J.K. RowlingThe Girl Who Loved Horses by Paul Goble
Children, Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak
It’s Useful to Have a Duck (Riiiiight?!?!) by ISOLSongs of Creation
The Blessing Seed
Encyclopedia of Animals
One More Thing
The Night Guest
Women, Food and God
Magestic and Wild
Disposable People
The Archon
I Like You
2 Crossword Puzzles
1 Journal
3 other boxes of books we didn’t catalogue

Bike pant clamp
Bike tire inflator
Garage tools – 4 boxes
3 RC Airplanes and accessories

4 thoughts on “Step 22 – Ship your stuff”

  1. You are doing now what many, many people did a long time ago. At least I can comfort myself in remembering that we now have FaceTime, phone and airplanes and We won’t have to wait months and months to know you’re still alive. So there’s that…

  2. Seeing the pictures made me teary….esp that moving van. I agree with your mom that at least we have technology to stay connected.

    I must say, however, that this is some big adventure for you two (four)!

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