Step 11.5 – Logistics update

So, by way of an update on the planning and preparation, this week’s entry will be dedicated to an overview of where we’re at.

We’re still in Calgary. I’m working part-time. Dan is working full-time on renos in our basement so we can turn it into a rentable secondary suite.  Our plan is to rent out the upstairs and downstairs as a source of income, and as a backup plan.  More on the renos another day.

We haven’t booked tickets yet, but we’re looking to leave Canada mid-August at this point. We must be there by September 9, 2015 to activate our PR visas. We’re still working on whether it will be direct (expensive but less traumatic) or indirect (cheaper, but more traumatic – so far the best we’ve found is $710 per person but has stopovers in Vancouver, Abu Dhabi and Auckland).

We plan to spend about a month in Ontario before we go spending time with family and friends our east before peace-ing out.  We still don’t know when that will be, but probably it will be the month of July. We’ll spend most of the time in Huntsville – but will definitely be making trips to Ottawa, the GTA and possibly to the Maritimes somewhere.

We’re still selling our possessions slowly.  The house is emptying out a little more each day (see next week’s blog post). This is making our imminent departure a little more real.

We’ve hired Boomerang Pet Carrier to look after the cat transportation process. The owner Karen has come to our house, won over our cats, delivered their deluxe travel cabins (kennels), sorted through all their paperwork and is working with Australia’s pet import authority to pave the way for their move.  I wish there was someone who’d do this for us.  I’ll sleep in a kennel.  Our cats will have enough space to turn around – I doubt I can say that for the seats on our flight.

I’ve signed up for email notifications for rental units in Townsville, Australia that will let us keep pets. I’m trying to learn the market so we’ll have an idea what it will be like when we get there – and maybe even have a place to move into.

We’ve completed our Open Water Dive certification to be able to scuba dive as deep as 60 feet. Now that we’re back from this vacation in the Bahamas, we are fully certified open water divers!

Neither of us have seriously started looking at jobs in Australia, or at school in Australia.

And most important of all, I’ve been accruing warm-weather clothes for cheap (during Canada’s 10-month off season) including my 22 bathing suits.  Yes, as promised, there will be more on them in a future post.


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