Step 10 – Sell your possessions

So over the past several weeks, we’ve been posting all of our earthly possessions to I’ve been learning a lot about used goods, questions to ask, over-selling, under-bidding, low-balling, no-showing and late-coming.


I’ve also met a lot of interesting people.  I met a guy who loved Robert Service and wanted to share how his family used to act out the cremation of Sam McGee in the summer and one year, he got to play Sam. I met a brash, fake-and-baked smoker, desperately trying to convince herself that the man she’s engaged to marry is the one though she will be his fourth wife in a row.  I met a man who travelled to Townsville, Australia (one of the towns we are strongly considering) and attended a Toastmaster’s meeting on a whim. The next day, while wandering the town looking for a bank to exchange currency, he bumped into no less than three Toastmasters – one at the bank (who exchanged his cash) and two in a pub (who bought him lunch and drinks).


I’ve always been a huge fan of kijiji, and have gotten some UNBELIEVABLE deals over the years: a matching set of couches for free, our cats etc.


When we first started selling off our possessions, we were thinking we’d take most of our stuff with us. Here’s how its gone:


November 2014 – We’ll definitely take all of our clothes, books, DVDs, photo albums, and personal items. We’ll basically just get rid of our furniture – except the king beds – we’re taking those. And that nice corner shelf I love. We’ll take that.  And obviously we’re bringing our colourful area rugs, the plant cart, all of my clay garden pots and that light fixture, and all of our decorations and our lamps and bedding and artwork. The piano can fit too right? They charge by volume not weight!


December 2014 – turns out our DVDs won’t work in Australia. There’s an invisible line, that once you cross it, all digital data is erased! (Kidding, but the globe is zoned, and DVDs manufactured for one zone, cannot be used by the DVD players in another zone).  WHY!!!????????


January 2015 – We get some moving quotes back (in the 15-25K range) and realize we’re not as attached to our stuff as we thought! We decide we’re not taking furniture at all.  Who can afford that!? We’ll figure out beds when we get there (though we’ve heard that a decent mattress here, would cost 3-4 times as much there, so people sleep on straw beds. Not sure if that’s a myth or not).


February 2015 – We get the rest of the moving quotes back (cheapest one is 11K) and all of a sudden, we’re minimalists.  Just like that!!


March 2015 – We’re burning our family photo albums and childhood mementos so we don’t have to take them with us.




So, this is a long way of saying, we’re selling it all! (Mostly).  We’ve had some great advice from strangers, friends, relatives and distant acquaintances.  Brendan, who’s moved from Oz to Canada and back again said ditch the furniture and bring only the most important sentimental things (i.e. photos).  Tanya, who’s recently moved to Oz says pare down to the basics. Strangers on the internet turned us on to Gumtree – Oz’s Kijiji.  Etc. etc.


We’ve sold as many books to Fair’s Fair books as they’ll have from us.  All my winter friendly clothes are presently on consignment at Clothes Up and Personal Consignment. I’ve got stuff on MEC’s Gear Swap page and of course – did I mention our 80 to 100 ads on Kijiji?


In addition, we’re planning to have going away party/auction closer to our departure time, followed by a garage sale, followed by a hopefully small trip to the Salvation Army or Goodwill to deposit any of our stuff no one in Calgary wants.


So as of today, we’re taking with us to Australia:


39 books

25 movies/dvds/seasons of shows we can’t live without

A DVD player to watch said movies/tv shows

Our clothes

Our cats

Bedroom light fixture (red)

The blue pottery Mrs. C gave us

Our favourite artwork, as long as it can be de-framed and rolled up (paper or canvas)

Dan’s bike

Dan’s RC Airplane and some parts

5 photo albums

2 CD binders

3 power adapters

My tennis racket

Our towels

My favourite wine-glasses

Some technology (kindle, iPod, our laptops, my Nexus 5 phone etc.)

1 bin of Christmas decorations

1 camping tent (in case we can’t afford accommodations)

3 blankets

Our fave board games (Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Risk, Monopoly and Life)

Our snorkels/masks/fins

Dan’s trumpet

Dan’s rollerblades

Dan’s wetsuit

Some kitchen stuff (Tupperware bowls, a teal brie dish, my fave spatulas)

My 22 bathing suits


Everything else is on kijiji.


Yes, in a future post, I’ll be explaining 22 bathing suits.

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