Step 15 – Identify the things you’ll miss

So, as the date we leave looms closer, I find myself thinking of the things I’ll miss.

I will miss these noisy jerks:

United States. Black-billed magpie (Pica pica).

I will not miss maple syrup.  I am perhaps the only Canadian who thinks its a bit overdone.

I will miss Arby’s.  Specifically the Great Canadian. Although I do wish they’d calm down on the mustard a bit. Any time I ask for a Great Canadian with no mustard, what the staff consistently hear is “Please use all the mustard”.

I will not miss shovelling snow.

Dan’s such a great shoveller. Our moving is really squandered talent.

I will miss being less than a two hour drive from these guys,
familyor a four hour flight from these guys.


I will not miss having to do this every spring and fall:

Changing to winter tires. Am I right?

I will miss my house which we have renovated to be our perfect dream home – filled with light and colour, and openness with a garbage can and kleenex box in every room.roomcouch3


I will not miss the neighbours dogs barking between 11PM and 5AM.

I know its lame but I will miss my unlimited everything Mobilicity phone plan. (Unlimited incoming and outgoing texts, local and long-distance calls, unlimited data, American calling etc. for $35 all in).  Do they even have smartphones in Australia?

I will not miss the cold. The infernal cold.  The accursed cold that lasts for 13 months of the year.

I think I will miss the ketchup. I like ketchup on so many things. Apparently the ketchup in Oz is different and I best get used to it. Also the cheese and dairy products are different (though I’m told its for the better).

Dan would like to add that he will miss lower prices on everything, 5% tax, as well as family and friends.  When pressed for which family and friends, he pretended he didn’t hear me and went back to looking at videos on youtube. [Sidebar: he just showed me what he was looking at – obviously Grace and Frankie is going to be my new favourite show]!

Finally, maybe you didn’t notice the theme, or the amazing flower at the top of this post. Remember as a kid ripping the petals off flowers one at a time, playing the “he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not-game”? Well, this entry was like that game so I asked my own father for a couple of his favoured flower photos (he’s a stellar photographer) and he shared that one with me, as well as these ones below.

Thanks Dad! I’ll miss being close to you, and your mountains and your flowers and your walks.

Bear Grass
Indian Paintbrush



Butterfly with flowers
Snapdragons. What a great name! Oops, they’re not snap dragons. Still a great name though.

4 thoughts on “Step 15 – Identify the things you’ll miss”

  1. It seems ironic (or maybe just coincidental) that I will be moving to Alberta just as you are moving away! *sigh*
    I should have applied for jobs in Australia, clearly!

    1. WHAT? You’re moving to Alberta?! When!? That’s amazing and tragic at the same time – how soon?!

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