Step 12 – Buy Tickets

We’ve booked our flights.

I need to say thanks to Russ and his new book (Stop Dreaming Start Travelling – which comes out June 23) for so much valuable info on travel: booking flights, staying places for free and thinking like a local rather than a tourist. You can check out his website for yourself here.

I’ve been watching for cheap flights for months now – but very seriously for the last month.  Russ’ book told me about great tools and websites and ideas for getting flights cheaper.  Up to now, the best I’ve found (once taxes and currency exchange were factored in) was about $940CAD.  The flights we bought were $669CAD for each of us.

I was afraid it was going to cost us $2000-$3000 to get us both to Oz – when in actual fact, these flights worked out to $1339.32.  Very civilized. So thanks Russ!

Dan is excited about booking flights to Australia!

As of today:

Abby and Lily will be leaving the country on August 17 (Jess’ B-day) and will be flying from Vancouver to Sydney direct.  Dan and I will be following on Aug 22.  We’ll fly through Vancouver and Auckland for a 26 hour trek of a lifetime.

We’ll hang out in Sydney for a few days until the cats are released from jail. Then we’ll fly up to the warm part of the country!

Unless we find a great deal on a car in Sydney, in which case we’ll drive up north.

A few days in a hot car with two cats who don’t speak the language can’t be that bad right??

More later…

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  1. Marilee I found your blog! How cool it is to see you and Dan embarking on the reverse adventure to Jesse and I did just 3 years ago. This encouraged me to go back through some of my earlier posts on my (food) blog about our anticipated move across the world ( Oh we were so ignorant! You had me in giggles at your Australian myths… take your own mattress, truly. We spent our wedding savings on the one mattress of our lifetime. And hiking boots, and well, why not swimsuits, if you don’t like $100 togs 😛

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