Step 14 – Acknowledge that you have some doubts

I think mis-givings about an adventure like this must be normal right?

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if we hate living in Australia?

What if we can’t find jobs we like?

What if one of us loves it there and the other one hates it?

What if one of us gets eaten by a shark?

I think these are pretty normal questions to ask when embarking on a journey of this magnitude […she said as if she were the first person in the world to unroot and settle somewhere else]. To be honest, I am really nervous about some of these questions for real.

We are OK financially and I think our families would pitch in to buy us a plane ticket home if some catastrophe struck us. That is a nice safety net to have, most definitely.

But it’s actually the day-to-day things that make me most nervous.  I have always been close to every member of my family.  Of course there are ups and downs blah blah blah, but I love them all so much and wonder how I’ll do without them in my immediate life.

What if it turns out I really do miss four seasons?

What if shovelling snow was the glue that held our marriage together?

I guess I’m trying to prep myself in advance that I will be homesick. I will definitely cry. I will feel like a fish out of water. I will want to come home. I will miss hearing people speak with my own accent. I will probably feel we’ve made a big mistake.  It wouldn’t be the first time – but I don’t regret a single major decision I’ve made so far, so why doubt now?

Anyway – to help allay my fears, I’ve written a little song:

You’ve got to AC-cent-uate the positive, E-Lim-inate the negative, Latch on, to the affirmative, don’t mess with Mr. In-between.  

Fine, you got me – I didn’t write this.  But it will probably help.

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