Step 18 – Assemble the Best Travel Music of All Time

Music is a powerful force in our lives. Both of us will be leaving behind community bands with the Westwinds Music Society. (I’ve learned to play French Horn, Dan has been playing Trumpet for years).

I use music to cope with difficult situations, to celebrate high-points in life, to reminisce about the past and to fill-in quiet space in the background.

Some of our earliest dates were seeing Wynton Marsallus play at the National Art Centre in Ottawa and seeing the Transiberian Orchestra play the then Scotia Bank Place.

It seems only fitting then, to look at the role music will play in our move.

[Secret Confession of Dan Campbell: I only really feigned an interest in music to be more appealing to Marilee when we were first dating. She told me early on that she liked how into different types of music I was. I think she’d heard me listening to Les Mis and assumed that if I liked Les Mis, I must be pretty well-rounded re: musical tastes.  I’m slowly working up to telling her that I only like Les Mis. I don’t really like other music that much.]

So here are the best songs I can think of for moving to the other side of the world:

Travelling songs:

Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band
Steppenwolf- Born To Be Wild
The Eagles- Take It Easy
Queen- Don’t Stop Me Now
Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Nora Jones- Come Away With Me – for the mellow days
Brand New Spaces – Calgary’s own Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
Send me on my way  –  Rusted Root
Life is a Highway  –   Tom Cochrane
Time to Move on  –   Tom Petty
Tokyo  –   Bruce Cockburn
Open  –  Bruce Cockburn
Wildflowers  –  Tom Petty
California  –  Phantom Planet

Missing home songs:

Never Let Go – Florence and the Machine
Keep Your Head Up – Ben Harper?
Lightning Tent – Wildlife
The Bliss – Fortunate Ones

Please feel free to add your own ideas.

**Update May 27, 2015

Amy K suggested Home by Michael Buble

Chloe S. wanted to add the following songs as well:

Shut up and Drive by Rihanna
Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett
Jack and Diane by John Cougar Mellencamp
Golden Years by David Bowie
Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (incidentally this is one of my favourite tunes!)

10 thoughts on “Step 18 – Assemble the Best Travel Music of All Time”

    1. Oh! Nice one! 🙂 Thanks for that! I’ll have to update the list – several people have suggested great additions 🙂

  1. Hi Mar!
    I tracked you down! Just in time for you to move away from this great country of ours. 🙂 I hope you are doing really well. Feel free to shoot me an email to say hi. It would be great to catch up. Enjoy your life in the down under!

    James Boldt

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