Step 20 – Get your house ready to rent!!!

We have decided not to sell our house in Canada. Instead, we are renovating the basement and the upper level to be two separate rentable units.

The upstairs has remained more or less the same. We’ve replaced my beautiful french door with a solid white door (boring, but more secure).1428954590171

We bought a washer and dryer to go upstairs. When we bought the house, the laundry was upstairs, but one of the renos I insisted on was moving the laundry downstairs, because it’s just what I know – washing clothes in a cold, stinky, cement room no one else uses.  So we already had the hookups upstairs and down, just needed the appliances. Thank you kijiji.


We’ve also changed the locks for the whole house, as well as put double sided locks on the door separating the two units. Here is what the upstairs looks like:

The upper guest room.
The dining room, obviously.
The master bedroom/en suite.

Downstairs is quite another story.  Here is a photo journey of the downstairs’ progression.

Projects took place in two main rooms. The big bedroom and the kitchen.  The big bedroom went from being this messy, bare-floor, walls-only-primed, cat-stanky mess:

The messy cat room.

cat tree blue

…to a simple, clean, bedroom of large proportions. Hmmm, I can’t seem to find a photo. I’ll add one later. In the meantime, you can use your imagination.

All we had to do was move all our junk (and stuff for sale on kijiji) into the other room, paint the walls my favourite Ivory Cream, paint the trim my second favourite Delicate White and we were off to the races. Next we hired the same people to put in the same carpet we already have in the rest of the basement, into the large bedroom.

And voila! Master bedroom is ready!

Of course, the most costly, and time-consuming project has been the kitchen. We were happy to discover that although our house was already zoned correctly, the basement kitchen area already had the necessary plumbing and electrical components needed to fulfil the code requirements.  The previous tenants had put a wet bar and book shelves in over top of where their kitchenette had been:

This is the wet bar area with the built in bookshelves.

When we took out the wet bar and the humungous built-in bookshelves, we found a 220 volt plugin for the stove, five power outlets (the breakers for which had left us very confused!) and of course the necessary plumbing for a kitchen:

Of course we had some patching and wire-moving to do.

The layout was all there in front of us, we just had to rebuilt the kitchen onto the existing skeleton. First we replaced the carpet floor with linoleum/laminate:


Then we bought and installed cabinetry and countertops (Dan hates it when I use the word cabinetry – he thinks it should just be “cabinets”). Cabinetry, cabinetry, cabinetry:

Dan is a perfectionist.
He built this kitchen with his bare hands. What a guy!! (Yes, that’s him in the cupboard).
This is with the cupboards mostly done.
These two freeloaders didn’t help at all!
And the mess! The renovation mess!!

We got the showpiece handles from Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store:


Then we bought appliances – thank you kijiji for the stove, and Best Buy for the fridge. Then we bought and installed the backsplash (eye-catching if you ask me):

We laid them all out so we could put the nice pieces in nice places.
Putting up the backsplash.

Then we installed the sink, installed the appliances, put on the rest of the cabinet doors and we were done!

Look how happy Dan is to be done! Or is that pride??
The finished product. I hope we get to live in a place this nice!
From another angle.
And another still.
Pretty much everything but the cabinetry and countertop are from Re-Store or Kijiji.

I am using the royal “we” pretty liberally. But to be honest, Dan designed and built and installed almost all of it. He’s renovation superman, but doesn’t think he could make a go of it professionally because he’s too slow. (That’s because he’s a perfectionist). So now we’re done renovating.

Once we sell the furniture, we can start renting out the basement!


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