Profile the Australia-bound Art

Side note: – I wrote this before we moved.

I like art. I love art made by my friends. I am blessed to have so many wonderfully artistic friends.  Here are a few of the pieces of art that I am able to bring with me, because they can roll up and travel pretty well.

Pieces that I will be bringing:

I got this pair of quilted horse wall hangings at a Calgary craft fair and just love them. So colourful!
This is the second piece of the set.
My dear friend Daphne Stephens created this masterpiece for me before I went away to University in Ottawa. It’s followed me ever since and always will.
My beautiful sister Deborah Millward made this gorgeous piece after a difficult time in her life – and I’m so happy its coming with.
Deborah also created this lovely fabric art with vegetable dyes and awesomeness.
My crafting buddy Stephanie Banszky painted this beauty for me for Christmas.



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