Step 17 – Fantasize about the Future

If life were a choose your own ending adventure, I would definitely read the following chapters:

The Campbells’ start a Bed and Breakfast in Oz and charge $180 to sleep and an extra $45 for a muffin for breakfast (that happened to us once in Waterton Park. That was the day Dan really got on board with the idea of us running a B&B).

Marilee opens a hamam in Australia.

Marilee and Dan start an airtour company called Barefoot Pilots.

Dan and Marilee open a dive shop.

Marilee and Dan open a snorkelling tour and boat rental company.

Marilee opens a retreat centre called Idlewild Retreat Centre. (I just like the sound of the word).

Marilee becomes a used-objects (or found items) shopping expert.

Marilee runs for Parliament.

Dan owns an airline of island hoppers.

Dan and Marilee flip houses.

Dan and Marilee only work 13 hours a week each, and learn to subsist with less.

Marilee becomes an environmental researcher and discovers a way to save planet Earth from its inhabitants.

Dan becomes a house-husband and loves it.

Dan and Marilee discover a way to transform people into mer-people and we make the change to life under the sea.

Dan opens up a pizzeria, specializing in only pizzas he likes (big crust, heavy sauce, light cheese, onions, green peppers, pepperoni and beef).

Summary: We’d like to work for ourselves, and we’d like to never get back into the “Rat Race”.

PS. Thanks to Andrea B. for letting me use her gorgeous picture of the cherry blossoms in Hide Park. You can vote for her photo in a “Tree Hunt” contest after June 1 here – just search Andrea in the “View Entries” section.

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