Step 27 – Learn the Language

I know. You thought they spoke English in Australia didn’t you.

Dan calls it the Queen’s Good English. Or the Good Queen’s English. Or Queen Anne’s Lacy Cakes or something like that. That’s the version of English they speak.


I’ve been practicing my accent but have to admit, I don’t sound very convincing. On my best day, my accent devolves into a mix of lower-land Welsh, Cockney and Afrikaans.


Every time I meet someone from Australia I try out my accent. Without fail, I immediately get asked to stop. Apparently massacring is something that can be done to a language. Who knew?

In addition to the accent that I will apparently not be able to mimic, there is also the matter of dialect. Aussies LOVE – and I do mean LOVE to abbreviate words, (avocado becomes avo) add “ie” to the end of shortened words (Australia becomes Aussie) and so on.

Here is a short quiz you can take to test how well you might do translating Aussie speak. What does each word/phrase mean:

1. Barbie

2. Lorry

3. Lift

4. Blotto

5. She’ll be apples

6. Thunderbox

7. Click

8. Googies

9. Chuck a berko

10. Crickey!

11. Tenno

12. Arvo

13. Din-dins

14. Preggas

15. Sunnies

Answers: 1. BBQ 2. Truck 3. Elevator 4. Drunk 5. Everything will be fine 6. Toilet 7. Kilometre 8. Eggs 9. Lose your temper 10. Wow! 11. Tennis 12. Afternoon 13. Dinner 14. Pregnant 15. Sunglasses

I already use barbie, din-dins, sunnies, click and crickey pretty regularly. Obviously I’ll be using thunder box instead of toilet from now on. I’m sure you will too.

If you have nothing to do right now, you can check out this humorous video teaching you/me/us to shorten words.

One thought on “Step 27 – Learn the Language”

  1. You forgot about this one:

    Canada/US: Potato Chips / French Fries
    UK: Crisps / Chips
    Australia: Chips / Chips

    So if you order chips you might get potato chip or fries….

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