In case you’re just tuning in…

…In case your just tuning in now, Dan and I are moving to Australia to become permanently warmer residents than we are now (we’ve got permanent resident status in Australia).  We’re doing a weekly step-by-step on what it’s like to move from Canada to Australia. You can look at recent posts on the left hand-side of this page.

Here is a snapshot of where we are as of today:

Yes. We are taking our cats. Yes. It’s ridiculous. And pretty expensive. They are not helping in the process at all.  Total free-loaders.

Yes, our families are supportive (emotionally and financially) and also crushed that we’re leaving. But it’s ok – I explained the reasons to them in a blog post. Now they are fine.

We’ve been selling off our stuff on kijiji. Please let us know if you’d like any of it!

We’ve hiring a moving company to take send of our stuff groupage. It will arrive just after we do, if we send it by the end of June. I’ll post a list of what has made the cut once we decide.

The rest of our life, we’ll be stuffing into the three suitcases each we’ll be bringing. (The first suitcase is free. The second suitcase is $70.  The third suitcase is $125).

When we land, we’ll be staying six days in an Airbnb in Syndey (unless any of you have an aunt living in New South Wales you didn’t tell me about??) **looks around hopefully??**  We’re looking at Airbnb rather than a hostel because I want to make sure I have a nice, comfortable place to bawl my eyes out when I get there. This is my way.

Then once the cats clear quarantine, we’ll rent a car and drive to Brisbane with the cats and our six suitcases. Which will be fun.

[Secret Confession of Dan Campbell: We had a “talk” the other day about how that drive is going to go. Marilee wanted to lay down some ground-rules. Actually, just one ground-rule.  No meowing.  She made it clear she wasn’t talking about the cats.]

We will probably also do Airbnb for a few weeks once we get to Brisbane until we can find a place to live with our kitties. Unless I can line something up ahead of time.

So much is TBD. Our lives are TBD. If you ever try something like this, get used to TBD.

Look how OK we are with TBD

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