Step 34 – Say Your Human Goodbyes (Early)

In the months leading up to our departure, we tried to be deliberate about spending good quality time with our friends and family.  We want to leave on a happy, loving note with everyone.

One thing this has meant is not making new friends.

There have been a number of opportunities in the last few months to make new friendships and both Dan and I have felt resistant to that.

Is that because we’re anti-social jerks?

No! (Maybe)

Is it because we are trying to max out the time we have with the family and friends we do have? Definitely.

We’ve been having dinner and playing board games with anyone who’ll join us (usually Jess and Kory, or Morgan and Evan). We’ve been going to the movies, (not as social), we’ve been to Spruce Meadows with Sam and Rob, to Banff and Lake Louise with Ian and Evelyn. We’ve picnicked at Little Bow Park with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Kory and Jess, done a month of yoga with Steph and driven out to Kimberley and sat by the pool with Ilo and new baby Embrey. I’ve had pub lunch with Lowri, sat around the campfire with Mehreen and Matty, Miss Marg and Mister Bill and hiked in Waterton with my parents. I’ve visited Jojo and Alejandro’s new restaurant (Savoury Milonga) and seen her tango dance with her dad. I’ve had dinner with Wally and Tonia, and left sticky notes for Marie at her new job with the Town of Pincher Creek. I went to stay with and see Newsies with Andrea, and had brunch with Jennifer. Dan had a sleepover at Kin’s house and we’ve eaten dinner with Mike and Leah, and breakfast with Peter and Nakita.  I went to Le Nordic spa with Sarah, ate fajitas with Jami and Tristan, dropped by the pool to visit with Heidi and Jordi and family, and we spent time at the cottage with the Campbell clan. We’ve done a few hikes in Waterton Park with the Davidson clan. Mom and Auntie Karen, Jess and I went to the Chinook Honey Farm and the Saskatoon Berry farm for a day excursion. We played Settlers and played with newborn kittens with the Bickles.

Here are some of the pics:

Boating with the nephews!
Bye Char!
One last Campbell family photo.
Jake the photobomber.
Eating fajitas at Lonestar with Jami and Tristan! The continuation of a beautiful tradition!
Sarah beats me at pool.
Goodbye Settlers with Trevor, Sarah and Tristan.
Boating with the Campbells.
Goodbyes to Heidi and her fam.
The three Campbell kids behind the boat.
Visiting the haunted hospital with Kelly and Andrea.
Hiking Alderson in Waterton with Mom, Dad and Jess.
Visiting Banff with Ian and Evelyn.
Hiking the Bear’s Hump at Waterton with Andrea.
A campfire in the park for Stephanie’s Birthday.
Settling with Jess and Kory. Move the Robber! Move the Robber!
Sister’s weekend with Mom, Auntie Karen and Jess.
The Walking Dead birthday party for Mehreen!
Meeting the Hargin side of Dan’s family.
Visiting Aunt Jean and her daughter Linda.
Staying with at the Campbell’s in Sarnia.
Visiting the Lakeshore in Sarnia.
Meeting Jennifer and Eric for the first time!
The Saskatoon Berry Farm with Auntie Karen.
Saying goodbye to Ian for quite a while… That was a hard one.
Traditional Dinner at Community Cafe with Crystal and Steph.
Settlers with the Bickles.
One last birthday dinner with Jess at Robster.
The PPC.
My dearest Crystal after one of our traditional Community Natural Foods Wednesday dinners.
My beautiful, perfect Deborah coming to say goodbye.

Here are my recommendations for saying goodbye to friends and family:

1. For the last year before you go, nurture current friendships rather than building new friendships.

2. Try not to cry too much the last time you see someone – instead, focus on the next time you’ll see her and how you’ll stay in touch in the mean time.

3. Don’t think about your departure as a death or an ending, but as the birth of something new and exciting for everyone. I am here to tell you that moving away can actually revitalize deep friendships, and rescue tense friendships.

5. Spend as much quality time as you can with your family.

6. Don’t feel guilty if you take time to yourself, or with your partner, rather than socializing with friends or family.

7. Throw a going away party with lots of stuff to do/buy.

8. Take lots of pictures, and try to tell your friends their pictures might end up on a blog.

(Check in next week for the pictures from our animal-goodbyes).



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