Step 2: Explain why you’re moving to the other side of the planet

If you didn’t actually comment on Step One to ask “WHY?” you may have been thinking it.

So here’s what’s what.

First, its cold in Canada.  It’s hard to argue with that.  While once, the notion of lacing up some skates and gliding like a human popsicle from Carleton U to Parliament appealed to one or both of us, these days it just seems too cold to bother.  Dan seems to have a coughing fit every time he steps outside.  I’m not sure if that’s his melodrama trying to make a show, or if his lungs really don’t understand how to separate the O2 in the air from the ice particles.

Second, its the warmth everywhere else.  Also hard to argue with that.  Because my dad is something of a Native historian, I grew up wondering to myself how they did it.  Without thermal undies, micro-fleece, built-in hand-warmers, electric heating and other modern amenities, I can’t see this country being very liveable 10 months of the year.  In comparison, look at much of the rest of the world.  Its 20 above in lots of the world right now (not here) and in many of those places its night time! Morocco, St. Lucia, Mexico and yes – Australia.  Why not go to one of those places? Riiight?

Other things Oz has going for it include:

  • Warmth – oh, I said that already? Sorry.
  • English speaking: Dan and I are both pretty good at English, so that was a plus.
  • Somewhat familiar culture – although we’ve never been there, collectively, we’ve read like 5 books about Australia, we’ve seen Mad Max and Finding Nemo and we think we recognize some aspects of the culture. Thanks to my dad, I already call barbecues, barbies, scallops, scallies, I say “no worries” and “cheers” like I invented them and I call wallets, walnuts (that’s not an Aussie-ism, that’s just dad).
  • They wanted us: Dan is an aerospace engineer. Australia thought that sounded pretty sexy and decided to let us in.  No where else was as eager to have us.
  • We’re pot committed: So far we’ve spent quite a few dollars on this, and at this point, its better to stay in.
  • We love the activities that you can do year-round in Australia.  We know Canadians love their hockey and their skiing. There was even a time in both our lives when we enjoyed those, and snow-shoing, sledding and even the odd snowball fight.  But now, things like sailing, snorkelling, swimming and scuba appeal to us more.  Alliteration aside, we also like basking in the sun, reading on the beach, walking out doors, rollerblading, horseback riding and camping. I think we can all agree, most of those are more enjoyable without hypothermia.
  • Both of us want to re-train and venture out into new branches of our careers. For me, that looks like environmental sciences (at this moment) and Australia is pretty green apparently. For Dan, that may look like becoming an aviation mechanic.
In summary, there are lots of reasons we’re moving, and none of them is that we don’t love our families and friends. We do love them/you very much and will miss you too much for words.

8 thoughts on “Step 2: Explain why you’re moving to the other side of the planet”

    1. Oh! It’s a poker reference. We’ve already put so many chips into the kitty/pot, that it’s better to stay in, than fold. What did you think it meant 😉

  1. We’d love to see you guys before you leave. It might work out to meet somewhere in between. Are you guys going to be in Ontario before heading down under? Maybe while you’re meeting Mark and Kim’s baby, you could meet ours, too. If that sounds like it might work, let us know when you plan to go, and we’ll try to meet you then.

    I realize it’s not exactly fair as you guys would need to go roughly twice the distance we’d need to go, but maybe you’re up for it anyway.

    Otherwise, maybe we’ll take Hannah to visit Calgary.

    When are you guys saying good-bye to your Canadian jobs?


    1. Hi Peddy,

      Where do you have in mind for somewhere in between? We are planning to be in Ontario for some time before we go, but not sure yet when or for how long. Probably a good bit of time. We’d LOVE to meet Hannah and see you guys as parents in action! Same answer about the jobs here – we’re not sure when we’re leaving them. Still trying to sort all this stuff out 😉


  2. You are quite the writer Marilee. I enjoyed that..but I don’t enjoy that we didn’t hang out. What’s your personal e-mail addy btw?

    Ps. I lol’d at your line about enjoying those activities without hypothermia :p

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