Keep googling your questions

How many beaches are in Australia?

Are there really no deer in Australia?

What is the temperature tomorrow at the beach?

Why isn’t seafood cheaper in Oz?

Why does the sand on some beaches squeak and whistle when you walk on it?

What is a bush huntsman?

What does a horse’s hoof mean?

Does Australia have monkeys?

Flight time Tokyo to Brisbane

Is Glen really dead?

What is a VPN and do I need one?

Brisbane book clubs

How to start a book club?

Why do people hate Hilary so much?

How to get Cert IV in Training and Assessment as cheaply as possible?

How to stop bleeding shaving cut?

How to get rid of vinegar flies?

Heirloom seed protection

What was the voter turnout for 2015 federal election in Canada?

Will my Costco card work in Australia?

Church near me

Yoga near me

What is an eleutheromaniac?

How to make your own chocolate toothpaste?

What does VRBO mean?

How to get rid of ants

Air conditioning options that don’t require a window vent

Are huntsman spiders poisonous?

Why does the sand squeak on Aussie beaches?

How does a rip tide work?

How many lifeguards drown on the job?

Best vacuum cleaner brands Australia

Best knife brands Australia

Best pots/pans brands Australia

Why is my compost drawing so many flies?

How to compost with a tumbler

Growing season coriander

What is capsicum?

What is rocket?

How to make my own essential oils

Can snakes swim up out of a toilet for real?

Sunset and sunrise times Brisbane

Sunshine coast weather

Travel time Brisbane to White Haven Beaches

Open alcohol in public – is it legal Queensland?

What to do if I’m bitten by a snake?

What to do if I’m bitten by a spider?

How to make a tourniquet?

Can cats swim in the ocean?

Brisbane to Hawaii flight time

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

Where is the closest hospital?

Brisbane cheapest gas app

Best Aussie gift ideas to send back to family in Canada for Christmas

Palm tree etiquette (for when your neighbour’s palm drops branches in your yard)

Garage sales this weekend

Where to buy Christmas tree lights?

How to make friends

Sunshine Coast weather

What time is it in Gent?

Is Peru’s leader a woman?

Women’s hairstyles, partly shaved

Phenazopyridine dosage

Outdoor pools near me

Bavarua catering Lethbridge

What time is Melbourne Cup?

Why are grapes so expensive Australia?


8 thoughts on “Keep googling your questions”

  1. I have a question (actually it’s Martin’s question) I could google it but I’ll ask you instead. How many hours of daylight do you have? How many on the shortest day? The longest?

  2. OK. Another question I could Google but will ask instead. Is it true that water circles the drain in a counterclockwise fashion? I believe it’s clockwise in our hemisphere.

  3. Yes, you can get a sense of someone’s interests/concerns/issues/questions/activities/etc. by looking at their google search history!

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