Step 25 – Google all your questions – Part 2

So here is what I learned from last week’s highlighted google searches.

  • Can I bring my down feather pillow? Yes.
  • What colour car should we buy? (light colour for cooling, or spiffy colour for being awesome)? Select the lightest possible exterior and lightest possible interior. Also test the AC.  
  • Why are all the windows of rentals covered in chain link fencing? Provides security, while still being able to keep the house open to fresh air.
  • Will Australians be really weirded out by us having strictly indoor cats? Yes.
  • Do the trees really stay green all year around? Yes.
  • How cold in the summer and hot in the winter does it get? Average low at night: 9.5 Degrees Celcius. Average high in daytime: 29 Degrees Celcius. 
  • Why do people rent units by the week instead of by the month? Many people get paid weekly, and its more convenient for short-term renters.
  • Will I be able to bring my expensive lotions into the country? My vegan deodorant? Yes. 
  • Average Brisbane weather Average low at night: 9.5 Degrees Celcius. Average high in daytime: 29 Degrees Celcius. 
  • Do i need to bring long-sleeved clothes to Oz? Yes. For sun-protection and when it gets cooler. 
  • Canadian embassy in Australia – One in Perth, one in Sydney.
  • Is fracking allowed in Oz – Yes. For now. 🙁 
  • Can I swim in Sydney in August – Yes, but you probably won’t be swimming with the locals. 
  • How long is Australia’s growing season? depends on the product being grown. 
  • Are there distracted driving laws in Australia? Yes. Very strict ones. 
  • Small house movement – alive and well.
  • Buy bathing suits online – shipping costs higher to Australia 
  • Are there puffins in Australia – No. 
  • Do Australians use miles or kilometres? Kilometres.
  • Are the clutch, brake and gas pedals in reverse order on the right side? No, they are in the same order as North America, just on the opposite side of the car. 
  • Australian city populations – Vary by size.
  • When is rainy season in Australia? November to March.
  • Brisbane aviation school – is a real place. 
  • Flights to Cairns – are no longer necessary for us.
  • Australian holidays (for 2016):
    January 1 – New Year’s Day
    January 26 – Australia Day
    March 25 – Good Friday
    March 26 – Easter Saturday
    March 28 – Easter Monday
    April 25 – Anzac Day
    June 13 – Queen’s Birthday
    September 26 – Family and Community Day
    October 3 – Labour Day
    December 25 – Christmas Day
    December 26 – Boxing Day
    December 27 Christmas Day Holiday (substitute for Christmas Day)
  • Turkey burgers too moist – use more crumbs.
  • Australian healthcare system – see this post.
  • Sydney Animal Quarantine centre – soon closing.
  • What happens if I scuba dive while congested – you might die. 
  • Netflix Australia – not as good as Netflix USA.
  • Will my netflix work in Oz?  Yes. 
  • Australian minimum wage $16.87
  • Australian edible fish – there are lots. 
  • Is there Air Conditioning in Australia? Thankfully yes.
  • What fruits and veggies are indigenous to Australia? See here. 
  • What is a Queenslander house? A house lifted on stilts to improve air movement and keep cooler. 
  • Are tarantulas poisonous? Yes. 
  • Survivalists Group of Australia – see here.
  • Australia vulnerable food chain – Yes. To aggressive introduced species, environmental threats and over-harvesting. 
  • Online shopping shipping costs higher in Australia – Oh yes. 
  • Convert CAD to AUD – Almost the same. 
  • RV Australia – Can be rented or bought, just like here. 
  • Do they have MEC in Australia? No. 
  • How the hell does cricket work? No one knows. 
  • Are super-spiders real? Not yet. 
  • Calgary property management companies – don’t need one – thanks Shannon!
  • Starting a small business in Australia – do-able
  • What airlines fly Canada to Australia? Lots.
  • Clear-bottom kayak – This is the very top of my wish list. 
  • Mac power cord power supply Canada and Australia – bought off calgary Kijiji
  • Where to live in Australia – depends on what you want.
  • Is Costco in Australia? YES!! 
  • How long to become a farrier? Nevermind.
  • What happens when you microwave mold? Not safe to eat. 
  • Quantas airlines more expensive – seems to be.
  • Is bobinoz a real person? The internet thinks so. 
  • Water conservation in Australia – Very important.
  • Shark attack statistics – not that scary.
  • Should i get a hybrid bike or a mountain bike for commuting – hybrid.
  • Cat meme (this one was Dan)

By the way – if you want to check out an amazing poem, go to my sister’s blog and read this.

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