Step 3: Money Money Money

Some of you are asking how the whole process breaks down cost-wise, so here it is (all in CAD):

Initial Application:
Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Application: $5507.24

Engineers Australia Application:
Engineers Australia Application: $586.49
Dan Passport Photo: $7.34
Lawyer Certification: $45
DHL Postage: $91.06

English Language Assessment:
Tutor: $25
IELTS Application Fee: $309

Medical Costs:
Dan Medical Exam: $295
Dan Chest X-Ray: $50
Dan Followup Exam: $40
Mare Medical Exam: $295
Mare Chest X-Ray: $50
Mare Second Urine Test: $10
Mare Passport Photo: $7.34

Criminal Record Checks:
Mare Police Clearance: $73.50
Dan Police Clearance: $73.50

Human Total to date: $7465.47

Abby Rabies Vaccine and Microchip Implant: $92.50
Lily Rabies Vaccine and Microchip Implant: $92.50
Abby Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre: $315
Lily Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre: $315
Travel Kennels: $120
Department of Agriculture, Fish and Forestry Import Permit: $370
Cnd Food Inspection Agency Endorsement and Courier Fee: $135
Vancouver Transfers and Overnight Boarding Care: $225
Airfreight for 2 Cats Calgary to Sydney: $1136.16
Airline Surcharges: $70
Boomerang Pet Carrier Service Admin Fee: $600
Handling, Taxes and Tolls: $164.75
Abby 10 day Quarantine:$1500
Lily 10 day Quarantine: $1500

Feline Total to date: $6635.91

 More to come:
– renos on the house to make it rentable
– moving expenses
– flights

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5 thoughts on “Step 3: Money Money Money”

  1. So, I was talking to sherlynn and she was like when’s Marilee leaving and I was like, opposite climate time (BC I remember you mentioning this- not exactly sure when that would be.) then SL mentioned you selling off all your things and I was like – the air mattress’ mine and shared your wedding dress story. Then I told her last time we talked you were getting estimates and she was like you mean like what nwafor can do. And I was dumbstruck. So I’m here to recommend nwafor if you haven’t already committed to a contractor.

    1. Can you connect me with Wafar – we haven’t officially hired someone, but we have almost 🙂 Can you send me his email or phone number? Thanks yo!! Also I loved your message! I’m good all next week 🙂

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