If you can vote, vote.

I hope you are already aware that a Canadian Federal Election is coming up.

I am.

I’ve voted in every election I was entitled to, since I was old enough (and some before that too). I recall as a kid, my dad taking me into his polling station and letting me pick which candidate on the roster of disappointing MP-hopefuls I wanted.  Because what’s the difference when everyone just wants the status quo.

Never mind.

Anyway, I am a card-carrying New Democrat. There may come a day when I wish I hadn’t written this for the whole internet to see. There may come a day when the NDP wish I wasn’t a member. But there it is. In black and white. Or in ones and zeros if you prefer.

I am a left-leaning person. I believe it is every person’s responsibility to look out for humanity. And since it’s hard to be an expert in everything as an individual, we farm out that work for the government to do.

To my mind, Prime Minister Harper has been doing a so-so to lousy job, depending on the topic/law/industry in question. So I’d like to give the NDP a chance.

Now I know some of you think that this is the beginning of the end. But I’m here to tell you something.

Do you think you should have access to basic healthcare for free? Affordable prescriptions?  Access to a family doctor without having to wait for months and months and months? You might be a New Democrat.

Do you think future generations are entitled to breath fresh air, drink un-poisoned water and learn about real, living species of animals like the Polar Bear, and the Arctic Fox? You might be a New Democrat.

Do you think every single person in the world, no matter what their mental health issues might be, their age is, their parent’s income was, their neighbourhood’s crime rates are and the flagging economy should be able to pull him or herself up by her own bootstraps and turn lemons into lemonade? You might not be a New Democrat.

So this to say, if you are a selfish, greedy, individualist who only cares about “me and mine”, then by all means – vote for Harper. But if you think that the planet’s well-being matters, education matters, people’s health matters – then let’s vote NDP this year. I’m ready for something new.

What’s that Donald Sutherland?

I can’t vote?

What do you mean?

I’m a Canadian!

It’s right here on my passport!

What’s that Donald?! Prime Minister Harper has passed legislation so that many many expats (including myself) can’t vote unless I lie about my intentions to move back to Canada?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

You’re not?

Well, now what?

Ooooh, hi blog readers! I forgot you were still listening/tuning in. I have recently discovered that I will be unable to vote in the 2015 federal election (which I will be helping pay for with my tax dollars, as a resident of Canada for tax purposes by the way).

So this blog entry is the digital headstone standing over the grave of my dead, democratic right to vote.

[Sidebar: There is no such thing as too dramatic when discussing the loss of ones right to vote].


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