Remember to say your animal goodbyes

If you are an animal lover (as we are) saying goodbye to your furry friends is almost as import as saying goodbye to your people friends.

Dan, being a cat lover, has had to say goodbye to a lot of feline friends. Here’s our picture story:

Dan buried in a pile of kittens at the Bickles. Have you ever seen him look happier?
Dan’s friend Willow – Sarah’s cat.
Tristan heard about Dan’s cat pictures and wanted to be in on the action.
He could hardly lift the Campbell’s 22lb cat Rusty.
Saying goodbye to Auntie Barb’s cat, Emma.
And of course, with our girls who he won’t see for a while. It’s harder on him than anyone else.

Me? I like dogs.  Here are the dog’s I said goodbye to lately:

Mr. T, Daisy and Brutus at the Bickles. (Animal Kingdom)
Jackson who became my buddy this summer at the cottage.
Dassau, (or as I called him, Pongo) was my buddy at Andrea’s house.
And Dassau’s buddy Harvey


Yes, this post was a little bit of a place holder 🙂 We just got internet up and rolling in our new apartment about 10 minutes ago, so more salient blog info should follow next week!



5 thoughts on “Remember to say your animal goodbyes”

    1. There is literally of your, topless, holding Abby and Lily before we went – saying goodbye. You didn’t want me to put our actual pictures of us saying goodbye to the kitties did you? Neither of us looks very um… together.

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