About Us

What’s going on, in a [medium to large] nutshell:

We are moving to Australia.  We have Permanent Residence status thanks to Dan’s training as an Engineer.  If we live there for 4 of the next 5 years, we are eligible for citizenship. Our departure date is/was Aug 22. We land/landed on Aug 24 in Sydney. We’ll be settling in Brisbane for 1-4 years while Dan goes back to school as an aviation mechanic.  I (Marilee) hope to work somewhere with things that grow, either as a nursery, farm hand, environmental protection group or something to do with that.  “I like land, I like dirt… I like things that live on land and dirt.” (West Wing). If we like Brisbane, we’ll stay there, but if its too cold, we’ll eventually move further north – where you can go to the beach all year around.  Yes we know about all the things that can kill you.

Marilee and Dan are:

  • Travellers (not so seasoned, but eager)
  • Young-ish, with a medium sized appetite for adventure
  • Swimmers, and love nearly anything that can happen in water
  • Nice.
Us in Mexico for cousin Matt's wedding.
Us in Mexico for cousin Matt’s wedding.

Marilee is:

  • Afraid of spiders, but loves pretty much all other animals
  • An avid reader and doer of crosswords
  • Has a short attention span and loves to sing Disney songs
  • Always too warm
  • Relational and likes things that are colourful.
Me at the cottage.
Me at the cottage.

Dan is:

  • Obsessed with things that fly and also his cats
  • Self-deprecating to a fault
  • A fixer of objects and an enthusiastic learner of new things
  • Always too cold and very full of miscellaneous knowledge
  • Mmm…Type-A.
Dan in Mexico.
Dan in Mexico.

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Cool, I’m so glad I found your blog! As things are starting to get colder in Ottawa, I am experiencing serious jealousy of your dolphins and beaches. I am not jealous however, of your spiders. You can keep those.

    1. It’s ok – I don’t want them either. So far though, it seems like a worthwhile trade. Snow for spiders. Now if the spiders here become as regular a part of my life as snow was in Canada (falling on my head, 6 months of the year) that will be another matter indeed.

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